Jul 1, 2020
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The “memory list” of the dead in connection with the pandemic of Russian doctors has increased 3.5 times in 3 weeks

If on April 30 there were 74 names in the list, then as of May 21, the drafters of the document had already made a total of 255 names of their colleagues.

According to official statements, at least 9,479 doctors became infected with the coronavirus and more than 70 died, the Associated Press reported. However, a number of experts from the medical community are sure that the data are underestimated, therefore they created a “Memory List” - an open document in which they independently enter information about the dead doctors, nurses, paramedics, laboratory assistants and other health workers.

Journalists of the Mediazona publication found official confirmation of the deaths of 186 people from this list, excluding, in particular, five doctors from Belarus. In addition, it was reported that at least three doctors committed suicide, that is, formally, the coronavirus was not the cause of their death. Mediazona estimates that one out of every 15 deaths from COVID-19 in the country is a health worker. This is 16 times more than in six countries where the epidemic has gained comparable proportions.

The sad "record" in the "List of memory" belongs to Moscow - 73 medical workers died in the capital. In the Moscow region - 40. In Dagestan, where the situation with the spread of coronavirus has become catastrophic, 38 doctors have already died. In St. Petersburg, a pandemic claimed the lives of 20 health workers.

As Ilya Fomintsev, director of the Cancer Prevention Fund, who, together with his colleagues created the consultation service “What to do” to help doctors, previously reported in an interview with MedPortal, in hospitals across the country there are sorely lacking basic PPE - respirators, glasses, protective screens. In the best case, they are allocated to “covert” hospitals, and in medical institutions that are not officially involved in the fight against the pandemic, they are not at all.

“It seems crazy to me the idea of ​​dividing hospitals into co-ordinate and not covert. As many cases as possible when patients infect staff. Goggles, respirators, screens, protective suits are now needed by all doctors, ”the expert said.

According to a number of media reports and the testimonies of people on social networks, the acute crisis of Russian health care caused by the pandemic is exacerbated by pressure from doctors from the authorities. Daily in the news and social networks there are reports that doctors cannot receive the promised additional payments for work in extreme conditions. Against this background, mass layoffs of hospital personnel began: for example, dozens of health workers resigned in Novosibirsk, and another 40 in the Vladimir region. Today it became known about the dismissal of the administrator of the Kirov Clinical and Diagnostic Center Vera Votintseva, who spoke about the meager salaries in the medical institution and the absence of additional payments for working with coronavirus patients.

According to the president of the League of Physicians, Semyon Halperin, a pandemic could further undermine Russian medicine, which was seriously affected by the criticized health care reform.

“Now we are faced with the threat of the complete destruction of the medical community,” Halperin quoted the Associated Press.

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