Apr 2, 2021
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The media reported on US plans to withdraw part of the forces from the Persian Gulf

American President Joe Biden instructed the Pentagon to begin the withdrawal of part of its forces and weapons from the Persian Gulf, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources.

According to the newspaper, the United States has already redeployed at least three batteries of Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems. Also, some intelligence systems will be moved from the Middle East. In addition, the stay in the region of the nuclear aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower will be shortened.

As noted in the publication, some of the technical equipment, including drones and anti-missile batteries, can be deployed to other places to focus on the states that Washington considers its main rivals in the international arena, including China and the Russian Federation.

According to the newspaper, the Pentagon plans to “shift the burden of defending the territory of Saudi Arabia from Washington to Riyadh.” In particular, additional training of the Saudi military can be organized, as well as the supply of new weapons to them.

Formerly US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that Biden has not yet made a final decision on the timing of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. According to the agreements between Washington and the radical Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation), US forces must leave the country on May 1.

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