Sep 6, 2021
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The media named the real reason for Putin’s talks with the king of Jordan

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The monarch asked the president of Russia for help

At the end of August, Vladimir Putin met with King Abdullah II of Jordan. Former Minister of Information and Culture Saleh Al-Colab revealed what the leaders of the two countries were talking about.

The publication “Russian Spring” with reference to Asharq Al-Awsat writes that the monarch is concerned that the Syrian city of Daraa, which is located near the border with Jordan, has become a stronghold of terrorism.

So, over the past few years, about one million refugees fled to Jordan from Syria. The economic and social life of the country cannot but suffer from this, not to mention issues of national security.

At the moment, according to Al-Colaba, Russia is the only country that is able to keep the situation in Syria under control, therefore it will also be able to help stop the flow of Syrians into the kingdom.

The ex-minister also added that Jordan no longer has the strength to endure this endless stream, which eventually turned into a terrorist enclave. It remains to be hoped that the combined forces of the Syrian Arab Republic and Russia will be able to finally clear the terrorists’ south of Syria and ensure that the civilian population will return to Daraa after many years.

Earlier, the Kremlin told what Putin will talk about with Zelensky.

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