Oct 14, 2020
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The media learned about Trump’s intention to withdraw American troops from Somalia

American leader Donald Trump intends to withdraw troops from Somalia, Bloomberg reports, citing sources.

It is noted that this will allow the US President to fulfill his promises to return American soldiers home.

According to the agency, Trump's decision caused a backlash from the United States administration. It is clarified that this is due to the fact that the Somali authorities have weak control over the situation in the country, which will decrease in the event of a withdrawal of troops.

Colin Thomas Jensen, Advisor to the former US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, expressed the opinion that the Islamist terrorist group Al-Shabab could take advantage of the situation. Representatives of the United States Security Council, the Pentagon and the US African Command declined to comment.

American troops have been in Somalia since 2017 by decision of Donald Trump. They are sent to the country to help fight terrorism. There are currently about 700 US military personnel in Somalia who are helping train the local army.

We will remind, in September, Trump confirmed Washington's plans to withdraw a significant number of American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. According to him, the number of military personnel in Afghanistan will be reduced to four thousand.

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