Feb 24, 2021
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The media learned about a possible increase in tariffs for heat and electricity

Heat and electricity in Russia may rise in price due to the growth this year of the utilization fee for equipment for coal mining. In this regard, the Ministry of Energy proposed to the Cabinet of Ministers to increase fees in stages and leave them the same for some of the equipment, Izvestia writes.

Fees for special equipment, including bulldozers, wheel bucket front loaders, multi-bucket excavators, are planned to be increased by two to four times in 2021, and for cars – by 25%.

The Ministry of Energy believes that this will lead to an increase in the financial burden on organizations in the mining industry, which will ultimately become an additional factor for an increase in the tariff for heat, and in some regions for electricity.

According to the ministry, the share of the fuel component of the coal station in the cost of electricity can reach 65%.

Changes in coal prices may affect the subsidization of the tariff for the population by the regional budgets, and then additional transfers from the state budget will be required.

Moreover, according to the ministry’s preliminary estimates, the amount of subsidies paid will be 15% higher than the amount received by the state from the introduction of the utilization fee.

Earlier, the media wrote that wholesale electricity prices in 2020 peaked in the last five years, despite a significant decrease in demand. Commenting on this information, the Ministry of Energy recalled that the rise in electricity prices for the population is limited by inflation. This year, the growth of tariffs will also be limited to this level, the ministry said.

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