May 4, 2021
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The meaning of the proverb is “they meet by their clothes, but they see them off according to their minds.”

The meaning of the proverb is

First impressions are deceiving. Is it so? Doesn’t it happen that the idea of ​​a person, received at the first meeting, turns out to be the most correct?

After all, the point here is not only a beautiful shell. Are we so primitive that we always meet by clothes, and see them off in mind? Let’s talk about it together.

Expression value

Proverb “They are greeted according to their clothes, but they are seen off according to their minds” means that at the first collision with a person or a phenomenon, the outer side is first of all striking. Only then, after a while, the inner essence is revealed to us.

For example, when choosing a “second half”, which is now taking place not at a bride show or during a special competitive selection, but in the process of life itself, we give preference to people who are pretty, attractive in appearance.

I would like the chosen one or the chosen one to have a certain type of face, hair and eye color, a slender figure. All these standards are given to us by a cold mind.

And when real feelings come into play, physical parameters fade into the background. We fall in love with a person’s soul: the radiance of his eyes, a smile, a voice, the light that comes from him.

Antoine de Saint Exupery was right when he said: “You cannot see the most important thing with your eyes. Only the heart is sharp-sighted. “

The origin of the proverb

The source of the idiom is everyday experience, observation of human behavior. Most of us cannot ignore what is visible at first glance: the height of a person, his height, the beauty or ugliness of the face, gait, outfit.

It has always been that way. In the old days, clothes performed not only practical functions. With the division of society into estates, castes, levels, it became necessary to demonstrate status.

Headdresses, the length of the dress, the number of belt and temporal ornaments, rings, beads, the richness of the ornament testified to the origin of a person, his property and legal status.

For example, in pre-Petrine Russia, wearing long fur coats was considered mandatory. The warmer the boyar wrapped himself in furs, the more “status” he was.

Times are changing, and remnants of the past are making themselves felt. And today there are people with a built-in counter inside. They can calculate in seconds how much you cost with your suit, watch and car.

Alas, your mind may not interest them. Fortunately, calculator people are still in the minority.


The Russian language contains many proverbs about the priority of the internal side of the matter over the external one. Suffice it to recall a few examples:

  • He is not good who is good-looking, but he is good who is good for the cause;
  • Do not look that the sleeves are frayed, but look what the grip is;
  • Small spool but precious;
  • Do not judge by words, but judge by deeds.

However, it is good that it is harmonious. How can one fail to recall the famous words of A.P. Chekhov: “Everything in a person should be beautiful: face, clothes, soul, and thoughts …”

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