Jan 17, 2022
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The meaning of the proverb “All’s well that ends well”

The meaning of the proverb

This phrase ends a long and, as a rule, troublesome business. Are there any other situations related to the proverb? And who was the first to make such an optimistic conclusion? Let’s think.

Expression value

Proverb “All is well that ends well” – this is the realization of the path traveled as successful, the joy at the completion of a long process or a protracted business. So they say when many trials are left behind.

An example is the defense of a doctoral dissertation. The excitement and hassle associated with writing and preparing it intensifies at the stages of pre-defense and defense. After a discussion with opponents, criticism of colleagues, a long defense procedure, the dissertation committee decides to award the desired degree, and the newly-made doctor exhales: “All is well that ends well.”

The search for a lost person is even more exciting: especially if you have to search at night. The most terrible thoughts come to mind. Relatives and loved ones experience a whole range of emotions – from compassion and fear to hatred and anger. In the morning, the “loss” returns home with her feet and it turns out that her phone “just ran out of battery”. Here it is worth taking more air into your chest and saying to yourself: “All is well that ends well.”

Origin of the proverb

Idioms about the successful completion of a difficult undertaking exist in almost all peoples of the world. The proverb in question is considered Old English. Shakespeare uses it as the title of one of the little-known plays to the modern reader.

If we talk about the psychology of expression, then its origin is connected with the life observations of people. Nothing brings such satisfaction as a conscientiously done and completed job on time. Mankind has long realized this, and therefore such proverbs are found in different parts of the Earth.


Russian analogue of the English idiom: “The end is the crown of business.” There are other synonyms:

  • Don’t brag about the beginning – brag about the end.
  • Don’t judge by arrival, judge by departure.
  • Good beginnings are common, good endings are rare.

If you move your thought to a higher level, you can draw an analogy between life and death. It is important not only to live with dignity, but also to end your life path nobly. This is also part of our journey.

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