Jul 10, 2021
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The meaning of the phraseological unit “Keystone”

Keystone - meaning of the phrase

You don’t fit into the standards and don’t want to be like everyone else? They say that you can’t cook porridge with you?

Yes, indeed, it would be better for the system if each of us resembled a perfectly polished brick.

Then “social construction” will go smoothly. But sometimes non-standardness becomes the basis of everything. So maybe you are the real cornerstone too?

The meaning of phraseological units

Foundation stone – it is an element of the whole, lying at the base, foundation, support, foundation. So they talk about something that holds together, uniting common efforts. For example, the cornerstone of a family is the relationship between husband and wife. When they love and respect each other, it is good for both children and other relatives.

The cornerstone of philosophy is called the main philosophical questions that give impetus to knowledge. These are questions about whether it is possible to know the world, and about what is primary: spirit or matter. There are other questions that determine the vector of philosophical searches. But the first two are the cornerstone.

It turns out that the cornerstone is a concept with positive semantics, although the words “edge”, “corner” are traditionally perceived as something inconvenient. Is there a contradiction here? In order to find the answer, let’s look at history.

Origin of expression

The biblical parable tells of a stone that was not suitable for construction, which was brought down from a cliff. At first, it was discarded as unnecessary: ​​who could have liked this piece?

However, when the corner structures were erected, they remembered him, having laid this stone in the foundation. He became a support for the rest of the masonry. This is how the object, unlike the others, proved its necessity.

This idiom should not be confused with the biblical “stumbling block”, which carries the meaning of obstacle, destruction, and not creation.


The phraseological unit has well-known synonyms:

  • put in the base;
  • put at the forefront.

Both analogies emphasize the importance of the cornerstone.

So when it comes time to collect the scattered stones in your life, take a look at the ugliest boulders from the past. What if among them was the cornerstone of your destiny?

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