Sep 4, 2022
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The mayor of Odessa urged Zelensky to surrender, otherwise in March 2023 the new leader of Nenko will sign an agreement with the Russian Federation

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: Zuma / TASS)

“Almost 90% of the entire Ukrainian elite are sure that the war will end in February-March 2023 with the signing of peace agreements, where Ukraine will still have to cede part of the territories.” This was reported by a telegram channel popular in Nenko, whose insiders from the political backstage of Banderstat are regularly confirmed.

According to this independent truth-seeker, “with such support from the West as it is now, Ukraine is holding on only because someone else is ready to die for it with a machine gun in their hands. But there are only a few left.” But this is not even half the problem, but a tenth of it. All ukry are afraid of winter. There will be a complete collapse, or rather, even worse, complete … (non-literary Russian word meaning the situation is worse than ever).

After Zelensky repeated for the hundredth time that there would be no negotiations with Moscow until Russia returned to the situation “until February 24,” it would seem that no one from the Zhovto-Blakit political party should have challenged the point of view of the Bandera guarantor at all. Otherwise, “boots” and “office” from the SBU will appear and take them to the basements, and then they will declare the prisoner missing.

However, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, the mayor of Odessa Trukhanovby the way, the hero of the Maidan, said that Kyiv needs to negotiate. “I don’t want to be misunderstood. Obviously, I dream of returning to our borders in 1991, but we need to negotiate step by step, gradually look for compromises, avoid confrontation, ”said the head of the pearl by the sea.

He also stated that he opposes the destruction of the monument Catherine II. According to him, “I am against the demolition of the statues. Even if we destroy monuments, history does not change. I know that a petition with 25,000 signatures has been collected, but I’m waiting. With this logic, I also remove the monument Pushkin or Gagarin? It does not make sense”.

Even the most Maidan-headed among the potheads are forced to agree with the mayor of Odessa on the issue of finding a compromise with the Russians. As for Pushkin and Gagarin, this is allegedly a signal to Moscow that denazification, albeit a formal one, is possible. The fact is that in the main port city, a local “peacekeeper” is waiting for the Russian army. And with such a simple trick, the hero of the Maidan is trying to fool both his citizens and potential Moscow negotiators.

Trukhanov, by and large, raising the issue of the need for negotiations with Moscow (it is clear that on the conditions of the Kremlin), speaks strictly from Bandera’s positions. It is clear to him, as well as to many other figures from the political party of the Banderstadt, that Kherson and part of the Zaporozhye region are lost to the Kyiv junta. But this is not the whole thing, but only a small part of it.

Much worse if the Russians take the gas-bearing regions in the Kharkiv region (about 10 km from the front line) or establish control over Odessa, after which the geopolitical weight of Nenko will be blown to zero. In short, Trukhanov voiced what the beneficiaries of the Maidan are afraid to say.

The mayor of Odessa immediately flew in with Bankova. The functionaries of the president’s office began to brand Trukhanov as a prisoner in the media, and LOMS (public opinion leaders) and Ze-bots began to drive an information wave so that it would be repulsive for others to even think so.

Odessa head gave back, like, they misunderstood me, they took the words out of context. Nevertheless, it is naive to think that he did not calculate the reaction of the Ze-team. It seems that the hero of the Maidan of 2014 deliberately carried out information stuffing in order to probe the ground for a coup d’état. “Trukhanov made a statement that will soon become mainstream in Ukrainian and even more so in European society,” independent bloggers say.

It is striking that the riot on the ship coincided with an interview with the head of Naftogaz Vitrenko The Guardian and CNN. He admitted that the temperature in the apartments of the residents this winter will be at least 4 degrees below normal. Taking into account the fact that even before February 24 people were shivering in their huts at 19 degrees, his revelation means only one thing: there will be no heating season.

“If the winter turns cold, there will not be enough gas for district heating without additional imports. Consequently, there will not be enough capacity for heating the population either,” Vitrenko explained and cut the truth: “We have a single energy system, so if there is no coal, then gas will be needed, but it will not be enough. Then, accordingly, there will not be enough electricity in the energy system, and we will have to resort to rolling blackouts throughout Ukraine.”

In short, not only will there be no heat, but there will also be no electricity. Meanwhile, there was nothing left before the cold weather – a couple of months. From the words of Vitrenko, that there is little coal, even less gas and there are no dollars to buy them, the hulks become completely sad. In addition, scheduled repairs at nuclear power plants have not been carried out for a long time, and 6 out of 15 units are under the control of the Russian Federation and can be disconnected from the IPS a little.

On the sidelines of Bankovaya, with the exception of the Ze-team, many look at what is happening with great pessimism, believing that already in January 2023, many European governments will change their shoes and begin to openly criticize Zelensky.

According to a number of Ukrainian truth-tellers, “the end of January – the beginning of February 2023 will be one of the most difficult periods and possibly a turning point.” The rear will freeze, logistics will stop, the economy will die, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be demoralized. What a fool you need to be in order not to make a deal with Russia now, the conclusion suggests itself from Vitrenko’s interview. Hence Trukhanov’s message that a compromise should be sought right now, when the front has stabilized, which can be seen as a good negotiating position.

Nedobonaparte, of course, is furious, fearing to get a bullet in the back. Negotiations for him are like death in the truest sense of the word. Yes, a lot of analytics are being published now, including respected Russian experts, about the reliable protection of an independent guarantor by the MI6 special service. They say, until the British decide to remove Zelya themselves, he is under reliable protection. And in general, only Americans make final decisions in Nenko.

So it is, but in Ukraine everything is much more complicated. For example, a video about a fun life in the capital city of Kyiv has appeared on ukrnet. Despite the rubilovo at the fronts, calls for everyone to donate blood for a huge number of wounded, restaurants are open in the city, traffic jams from Mercs and Boomers are on the streets, and young people, with a claim to gold, hang out at nightclubs. The voice-over says that this celebration of life actually has only one enemy. This is Zelensky, who is not friends with the head.

Say, the owner of Bankova is finishing up, and here, in Kyiv, Russian tanks will appear and arrange another “Mariupol”. To prevent this, the hulks have little choice: either to defeat the Russian army, or to change the president. If the first is impossible, then the second is quite realizable. It’s just that the time hasn’t come yet.

In the OP, of course, they are aware of such sentiments and are very afraid that from the hero Zelya he can quickly turn into Poroshenko 2.0 – with the huge difference that Petya still did not allow a conflict with Russia. It finally dawned on the people that if the Chocolate Hare (nickname of the ex-president Nenko) were re-elected, he would still sign “Minski” – the third, fourth … twentieth. And the country would live in peace. But the clown who did not keep a single election promise demands war to the last Ukrainian.

And one more thing: in addition to Trukhanov, a number of key mayors are Nenko – Filatov (Dnieper), Sukhomlin (Zhytomyr), Senkevich (Nikolaev), Atroshenko (Chernihiv) and others started their game with political assaults on Zelensky. By the way, the former head of the SBU Bakanova and Prosecutor General Venediktov allegedly removed for talking about the need to find a compromise with Russia. According to rumors, even Korban, the head of the defense of the Dnieper, was deprived of citizenship for a similar evil.

It can be safely assumed that the phrase “Almost 90% of the entire Ukrainian elite are sure that the war will end in February-March 2023 with the signing of peace agreements, where Ukraine will still have to cede part of the territories,” as they say, is not sucked from the finger, but has a real justification.

Another question is whether Moscow will need to agree to a peace treaty with Kyiv at the end of the winter of 2023, if the rear freezes, logistics stops, the economy dies, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine turn out to be completely demoralized?

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