Nov 10, 2022
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The man noticed that a ghostly face was watching him

ghostly face behind glassGoing out early in the morning to smoke, a homeowner from Gainesville (Florida, USA) experienced not too pleasant feelings.

ghostly face behind glass

The man felt as if someone was watching him intently. And the feeling did not deceive him. Behind the glass of the front door, he saw a rather unpleasant face. It seems that the stranger looked at the author of the video with great interest, but not particularly kind. After that, the face disappeared and, as often happens in paranormal situations, our hero did not see any ghostly aliens inside the house. The man is one hundred percent sure that this is not someone from his household. Their skin color is darker, and there simply could not be such pale people in the house.

ghostly face behind glass

Viewers were interested in the video with a ghostly face. And one commentator recalled that he himself once lived in Gainville. He claims that this is a city with a rich paranormal history, in which inexplicable sinister incidents often occur. It looks like this is the same case.

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