Sep 14, 2020
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The man claims to have visited the past and got into the picture of the 19th century

Recently, more and more people have appeared who claim to visit the past or the future, but such statements are perceived with irony, because technologies for time travel do not exist at the moment, at least according to the official versions.

Meanwhile, the stories of time travelers have been known for a long time. With the advent of photographs, people are closely studying old photographs to find unique people and objects on them, as if from the modern world. Some people see mobile phones and laptops, modern clothing and other items that do not belong to that era in pictures from the past. But maybe this is just a game of imagination?

Andrew Basiago lives in the American city of Seattle. For 16 years, he has been trying to prove that he was a member of a secret American time travel program. Basiago claims that the program was called Project Pegasus, and he took part in it between the ages of 7 and 12.

The man works as a lawyer, but even taking into account his position, few people believe his words. Andrew insists that not only adults, but also children took part in the secret time travel program. Given the impact of the tension between different eras on people of different ages, American scientists planned to better prepare time travelers.

Basiago has managed to gather quite a number of supporters who believe in the cover-up of the truth about time travel and teleportation by the American government, among them is the famous conspiracy theorist Alfred Webre. He is sure that the United States has various secret programs that have been operating for more than 40 years, but few people know about them.

In support of his words, the lawyer showed an old photograph in which he allegedly was present in the past. Basiago also assures that during one of his travels he encountered himself. In previous statements, he described the structure of a time travel machine, but did not provide any evidence for his words. So maybe his story is an ordinary fantasy story that has nothing to do with reality?

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