Apr 18, 2021
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The man almost got hit when he saw a face in the washing machine

face in washing machineIn the life of comedian Alex Boardman, something happened that just horrified him. Although the end of the story is still funny.

face in washing machine

A resident of Stockport (England) started doing the laundry and at some point saw a face looking at him through the door of the washing machine.

face in washing machine

Alex admitted that he was almost hit by a blow. It took a few seconds to understand the reason for the appearance of the mysterious face and realize that none of it, in essence, is mysterious. On that day, a man treated his Staffordshire Bull Terrier to a chicken, and the sloppy dog ​​made a pillow – not a simple one, but with the image of superstar David Bowie.

face in washing machine

Housekeeper Alex immediately started washing and at some point he simply forgot what he had thrown into the machine. So, fortunately, nothing paranormal and ominous happened, and the hero of this story still giggles, remembering how much he was scared.

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