May 19, 2020
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The main Ukrainian bond is destroyed

Biden destroyed the main Ukrainian bond / UNIAN

And all the time I sincerely believed that it was our Verkhovna Rada that appoints and dismisses prosecutors general.

But it turns out that the gene prosecutor was Joe Biden's nomenclature.

Well, how to live now? What to believe now? After all, our most important bond was undermined: independence.

What were you fighting for?!

Now we have to amend the Constitution: "The Attorney General of Ukraine is appointed and dismissed at the request of the US Vice President"

Or maybe not just the attorney general? Or maybe after the next films will have to take higher?

Read also Gosizmezna Poroshenko 2.0: what threatens the fifth president of the film Derkach Better not to think.

Well, but seriously, nothing no wonder. As Wikileaks, who leaked the encryption of the US Embassy in Ukraine, showed, Pyotr Alekseevich ran to the embassy and knocked on everyone since 2006.

In the correspondence, the American ambassador politely calls Poroshenko "our insider." Well, how could Peter Alekseevich, having such a track record, deny Biden's requests? Could not of course!

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