Feb 22, 2021
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“The main thing is health, attention, food”: Senchukova spoke about 23 February

Baba Viktor Rybina from the Dune group, singer Natalya Senchukova spoke about how it was met to celebrate in their family the Day of the Lawyer of the Fatherland. She admitted that she did not make her husband and son gifts for this holiday.

The couple of Viktor Rybin and Natalya Senchukova are revered as one of the strongest among Russian pop stars – together they are more than 22 years old. The couple have an adult son, Vasily, who recently turned 22 years old.

In an interview with “” Natalia said that she does not give presents to her uncles on February 23rd. This was partly influenced by the tour schedule, and also by the financial issue.

“Giving something important is difficult, you can’t save enough money,” the singer hammered in.

However, in the astral family, there is a tradition to get together on a weekend and have a nice time together. And gifts should be given by men to women, Senchukova believes.

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