Mar 23, 2020
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The main rules of self-isolation due to coronavirus

Russians arriving from countries with an unfavorable situation for coronavirus must go through 14 - a day period of self-isolation. State Duma deputy, epidemiologist Gennady Onishchenko named the main quarantine rules.

Russians arriving in a country from abroad are required to undergo two-week quarantine. Self-isolation allows you to prevent the spread of infection if a person becomes infected during the trip.

Onishchenko called the main rules of self-isolation. According to the doctor, if a person is in the family, then he needs to use separate dishes. You need to wash the dishes using degreasing agents. It is also often necessary to carry out wet cleaning, and to wipe using wipes containing disinfectants.

The deputy recommended the use of ultraviolet lamps, they disinfect the air, but this must be done strictly according to the instructions.

“If someone in the family has a fever, it is advisable to immediately place the patient in a separate room, if there is such an opportunity, and give him a mask. The apartment needs to be often aired, especially the room where the potential patient with a viral infection lies, ”Onishchenko said in a comment to Nation News.

In addition, the doctor said that during the period of self-isolation it is forbidden to walk animals. All waste products - food debris, napkins - are not allowed to be thrown into the garbage chute.

“They need to be placed in double plastic bags, sealed, and only then disposed of,” the doctor added.

Recall, the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus occurred at the end of last year in China. 11 March the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic worldwide. According to March 23 data, in Russia 438 cases of coronavirus disease were detected, the number of recovered reached 16.

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