Aug 11, 2022
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The main reasons why the gluteal muscles do not grow

The main reasons why the gluteal muscles do not grow

Do you train intensively, but the desired result does not come in any way? Often the reason for the lack of results is the wrong approach to training.

1. Too little weight when training

This is the most common reason. You will not get beautiful buttocks squatting with 1 kg dumbbells. Gradually increasing the load, adjust the technique.

Change programs and increase weight, because. the main stimulant of muscle growth is stress, as soon as your body gets used to the load, muscle growth slows down.

2. Fat burning and drying

If you live on 1200 kcal per day, then nothing will grow in you. This is the minimum of the body for normal functioning. But there is a solution – increase the calories consumed. Fat is not distilled into muscles – these are 2 different tissues (muscle and fat). Muscle growth does not occur at the expense of its own resources.

3. Wrong exercise technique

Feel how the muscle works, put your hand. The biggest problem is not enough range of motion. If you don’t even reach the parallel or your lunges are short, don’t expect a pronounced increase, because the range of motion in the hip joint will be too small.

4. Lack of periodization

Maybe you are using too many exercises for the same muscle. More is not always better: you don’t need to stick ALL the exercises for the buttocks and legs you know into one workout. Too frequent training: the muscles do not have time to recover, so they do not grow. If you want to grow your ass – 2 workouts per week is your maximum!

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