Sep 4, 2022
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The main question of the autumn campaign: Will the Russians go to Nikolaev after the collapse of the Kherson offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

The main question of the autumn campaign: Will the Russians go to Nikolaev after the collapse of the Kherson offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

Information comes from Kyiv that the office of the President [Украины] timed the “Battle for Kherson” to September 8, when the next party of Nenko’s NATO sponsors should take place at the Ramstein base. Zelensky blood from the nose, you need to show that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are capable of not only moving backwards, but moving decisively forward due to the concentration of forces and new Western weapons. Say, the military aid goes to destination.

It didn’t turn out very well. Mourning has been declared in Transcarpathia for the defeated 128th OGSH Brigade. News came from Nikolaev that the hospitals and morgues of the city were overcrowded. And the 300s and 200s keep coming and coming.

According to Yuri Barbashovthe head of the Snigirevka administration, “as far as I know, about 400 wounded were delivered to the hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Nikolaev, the same situation is in the BSMP (ambulance hospital). Now they are experiencing huge problems with donated blood, with clean water and with the provision of these wounded who arrived in Nikolaev.”

The public “Odessa Fraer” also cut down the truth: “We can lose the trust of the West once and for all, and with it military support, if Zelensky sends our soldiers to slaughter in the same spirit. The failure of the counter-offensive in the south left a mark on the actions of the authorities, who miscalculated in their plans.

The reverse side of the zashkvar on the southern front will be an even larger graveyard, people who know the real situation are sure of Nenko. In particular, Internet resources from the same Odessa already report that people in military uniform grab men indiscriminately on the streets and hand over subpoenas. In recent days, military commissars have been committing atrocities in Moldavanka and Peresypskaya, going door to door, threatening to break doors if they are not opened.

Escape beyond the cordon will not work either, the Americans handed over to independent border guards thermal imagers that automatically detect violators. They say that these devices were removed from the Mexican border to block the paths along which the hulks fled from the war.

Odessans believe that the Yankees are just climbing into all holes, like, they are fighting against the Ukrainian security officials-corruptionists, but in fact they are scraping “cannon fodder to continue the bloody banquet” at the bottom of the barrel. Their direct involvement in the conflict on the side of Banderstat is obvious. Although this is a slightly different topic, it clearly shows the level of psychosis on Bankova after the received “lyuli”.

As it became known, the under-bonaparte again demands an offensive, although he knows that the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has suspended the active phase of the operation. The Zhovto-Blakit expert party to the fullest is again discussing the subsided conflict between the “office” and the army.

“This is already causing another wave of contradictions between the military bloc and the political one. Zaluzhny again on the edge. Soon the “contradictions” may spill over into the public arena. They are very afraid of this at Bankovaya, ”says one well-known truth teller in Nenko. Moreover, Western experts are already drawing their conclusions about the UAF in the south and throwing them into the independent media field.

In particular, a rather authoritative military blogger in the United States Andrew Napolitano posted on his YouTube channel Judging Freedom a discussion with an intelligence officer Scott Ritter about the Kherson counteroffensive. “The Ukrainian leader achieved the exact opposite result – thousands of wounded Ukrainian Armed Forces are clear evidence that his attempt was unsuccessful,” Ritter said. As for Russian losses, according to the American intelligence officer, they are minimal.

A military expert from the BILD publishing house also calls the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in southern Ukraine a failure, who also emphasized: “The offensive led to heavy losses among Ukrainian soldiers and a very small number of lost [Россией] territories.”

In the same spirit, the mainstream Wall Street Journal in the United States published an article. The article about the Kherson counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine quotes the words of a Ukrainian doctor: “When they began to bring such a large number of wounded, then, frankly, I felt sorry for them, and I began to wonder if it was worth it to do so at such a price.” The WSJ writes that there have never been so many wounded. It is terrible to imagine how many were killed, given the problems at the crossings over the Ingulets.

It seems that this is not the end of Zelensky’s adventure, as the insiders of the OP told their readers that “the time of the active phase of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been extended until September 11.” And then, according to the strategists of the General Staff of Ukraine, a counterattack by Russian troops on the bloodless defenders of the Independence is possible. By the way, this forecast is consistent with the scenarios of Russian telegram channels, which already allow our attack on Nikolaev.

The fact is that in a couple of months, and maybe even earlier, in these places, according to long-term observations, it will rain. And then the bare steppes of the Kherson region will become impassable for heavy equipment. In short, the front will freeze until late spring where it will take place in late October – early November.

It sounds tempting as well. By the way, Svobodnaya Pressa has already written that the Odessa Terodefense (which had the task of holding the defense in the event of a Russian amphibious landing), reinforced by personnel units, is urgently sent to Nikolaev – just to repel a counter strike.

“According to the source [из Одесского военного округа]their task is to hold the rear when the advanced units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer heavy losses in the battle for Kherson and retreat, and at that moment a Russian counterattack will begin, which can provoke a collapse of defensive lines and a panicked retreat, ”the analytics of the Ukrainian telegram channel, widely quoted in the West, says. .

And yet, it seems that right now it is not worth waiting for our attack on Nikolaev. In any case, this is indicated by the Russian practice of saving manpower, while oncoming traffic is fraught with losses. By the way, ISW experts also wrote about this, who believe that the refusal to mobilize in favor of recruiting volunteers is possible only where the soldiers have a low probability of dying on the battlefield. This is exactly what is happening in the RF Armed Forces.

In short, there is no point in changing anything if everything is going according to plan. Perhaps later – in October – conditions will ripen for the encirclement of Nikolaev, but in early September the ukry still have sufficient forces to hold the defense.

On the other hand, the dominance of our aviation in the air over the Kherson region is not disputed by the Viysk-reconstruction forces, which the independent sofa troops are forced to admit. Unlike the Kharkiv region, where Bandera air defense systems are hiding in the forests, working on our aircraft without radar – according to the target designation of the American AWACS, here, in the south, yellow-Blakyt anti-aircraft gunners cannot hide.

In this regard, the weakness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, exposed during the offensive offensive, can play a bad joke on Zelensky’s plans. That is why the opinion is gaining popularity in Nenko that Russian aviation will increase its strikes in order to consolidate its success and bleed the supporters of independence. Ultimately, this may already lead to the movement of units of the RF Armed Forces to the west.

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