Jun 13, 2022
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The main problems of long hair

The main problems of long hair

Healthy and strong long hair requires only careful care from its happy owner. But this is not always the case, long hair has several “chronic” problems. Let’s take a closer look at which ones.

Long hair has been considered one of the main decorations of any girl for many years. And the main nuance of their beauty can be a healthy look, silkiness and shine. Of course, you can always just buy some hair extensions and go for extensions, but sometimes giving your natural long hair a second life isn’t too hard.

One of the most common reasons why long hair loses all of the above is trichoptilosis. Simply put, a section of hair, branching them at the ends. Noticing that your hair is starting to split, you should immediately resort to the services of a hairdresser, namely, a haircut. It is not necessary to shorten the hair by half, it will be enough just to cut a few centimeters, cutting off the “sick” ends.

An excellent modern tool that helps fight split ends today is a haircut with “hot scissors”. Regularly resorting to it for six months, you can notice that your long hair again becomes soft, shiny and silky, without any split ends.

The next main problem with long hair is the combination of their structure. As practice shows, in the vast majority of cases, long hair is dry at the ends, but oily at the roots. This is explained by quite natural reasons. The oil secreted by the scalp nourishes the hair and retains its moisture.

But even the most oily scalp is unable to allocate so much natural fat that it is enough for long hair, but it is enough for a maximum of five to six centimeters. In this regard, long hair always needs enhanced nutrition, that is, masks, regenerating creams and balms. Remember. That even hair, fifty or sixty centimeters long, but thin and lifeless, will not add to your beauty.

If you are accustomed to long curls and do not want to part with them, then an excellent alternative for you will be hair extensions, which are now sold almost everywhere. After all, while wearing extended strands, you will have time to treat your own natural hair.

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