Jan 6, 2022
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The main holiday threats

The main holiday threats

Christmas trees, sparklers, firecrackers, sledding – the happiness of celebrating the New Year easily turns into misfortune if the trees are poorly fixed, sparklers are damp, damaged firecrackers exploded, and dad drank too much.

Among the most serious injuries, the chief pediatrician of the Moscow Department of Health, Ismail Osmanov, named craniocerebral injuries, obtained from riding on “cheesecakes”, or tubing. In second place among children’s New Year’s dangers is accidental access to alcohol and all kinds of drugs. As for nutrition, it is better for children not to give fatty, fried, soda. They should also be fed salads with a minimum of mayonnaise.

The chief nutritionist of the Moscow Department of Health, Antonina Starodubova, advises not to forget about overeating, accompanied by both acute diseases (poisoning) and exacerbation of chronic ones. In the top New Year’s mistakes, she included the desire to surprise guests with an extraordinary abundance of the table. In addition, the expert expressed the hope that there are no leftovers from holiday dishes in our refrigerators – the old New Year is on the nose, the celebration of which is associated with a new wave of ambulance calls due to stomach disorders.

Digestive disorders are associated with overeating and poisoning with not the freshest foods, and the use of unusual seafood and tropical fruits often provokes an allergic reaction. In this case, timely intake of an antihistamine will help to save the situation, but you cannot delay calling a doctor, especially if a person’s condition begins to deteriorate, for example, blood pressure has dropped.

Burns to the hands and face from the use of fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, and firecrackers are another common cause of emergency medical visits. If the packaging indicates that the pyrotechnics are intended for outdoor use, do not try to light them indoors. It is important not only to choose certified products when buying and to check that there are no dents or damage on items, but also to observe safety precautions: cases when firecrackers explode in your hands, sparks get into your eyes, and a sudden explosion causes hearing impairment are not uncommon.

If the fireworks do not work, wait at least five minutes before approaching it: the wick can smolder and it is very difficult to predict the moment of launch. In addition, some pyrotechnics can be triggered by heat or even friction, so never carry them in your pockets. In case of burns, keep your hand under running cold water for at least 15 minutes. And if your eyes or airways are damaged, you cannot do without the help of doctors.

Roza Bannikova: “Drink water, eat slowly”

The nutritional consultant told how to get out of the New Year’s Eve in a smart way.

Do not make yourself a diet or hard fasting days, worrying that “you ate too much at New Year’s table.” A hunger strike is stress for the body, which, in response to troubles, begins to rapidly gain reserves in the form of fat on the sides.

Low-calorie diets are no less dangerous. By refusing breakfast or dinner, you break the delicate physiological mechanism of maintaining normal weight.

Drink plenty of fluids. It should be clean drinking water, green or herbal tea. But it is advisable to exclude coffee, since it tends to dehydrate the body. Moreover, coffee enhances appetite.

Eat light meals: vegetable salads, sour-milk savory foods, protein omelets, lean fish, some unsweetened fruits. From meat – boiled chicken or turkey breast, by the way, they can also be added to a salad.

Exercise. Go to a sports workout. Take a walk in the fresh air. Visit the bathhouse, sauna or take a bath with aromatic oils.

It is very important not to be tormented by a sense of guilt about the extra grams possibly collected at the festive table. Set a course for nutrition in the new year. And everything will work out!

Start your meal with a glass of water. This is the most common advice and one of the most effective. Water fills the stomach and the feeling of hunger is dulled.

Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. The body receives a signal that we are full 30 minutes after eating, sometimes this time increases to 2 hours. Therefore, in order for the feeling of fullness to come before you reach for another cake, eat slowly.

Watch your portion size. Try to follow the rule: the main dish, meat or fish, should be no larger than … a smartphone, a side dish – with a computer mouse, and a portion of vegetables – from the palm of your hand.

You need to eat 5-6 times a day: breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – afternoon snack – dinner. It is better to take the last meal no later than 2 hours before bedtime, and go to bed no later than 22.00-23.00. Lack of sleep is one of the reasons for overeating and ultimately being overweight.

So that the New Year holidays do not turn into … a binge

“The atmosphere is festive, friends pour some alcohol into the glass – and control is lost … People prone to addiction begin to drink, which is difficult to get out of. Abuse can lead to real death or alcoholic psychosis, ”says Olga Korotina-Hesse, clinical psychologist, researcher at the Institute. V.P. Serbian.

– By the way, in Russia the maximum permissible alcoholic dose (permissible for consumption) was … 30 grams. Having accepted in excess of this norm, as was believed, you, as it were, open the door to your consciousness for evil spirits. There were even bottles in the shape of a pig as a reminder not to drink excessively and turn into an animal.

It is important to remember that with prolonged use of alcohol, even relative clarity of thinking can be maintained, which gives a false sense of a normal state. Criticism decreases, the person continues to drink …

– How should relatives behave if they are faced with this problem?

– It is very important to monitor the state of a person who drinks alcohol for two to three or four days in a row. If you start talking, hallucinations occur, you must definitely call an ambulance. Desirable psychiatric – a person in this state can be dangerous to himself and others. Further, the doctors will determine what state the patient is in and how to get him out of this state.

– What is codependency?

– This is a model of relationships in which one person fully devotes himself to caring for another person, in this case, an alcoholic. The codependent tries to control the actions and the whole life of the drinker in general, and also protects him in every possible way from any worries and the need to make significant decisions. Of course, all this does not lead to anything good.

Only after the codependent begins to correctly understand what is happening and decides to change their wrong behavior, there are chances to normalize the situation in the family. And then it becomes quite possible for the addict to heal.

– There is an opinion that drinkers are those who were disliked in childhood. It’s true?

– Not necessarily, parental love could have been enough, and even there could be an overabundance of it. The causes of the disease (and addiction is precisely the disease) are many: both a genetic predisposition and a stereotype of life in a family …

– How to properly explain to a child, teenager that alcohol and other stimulants are dangerous and addictive?

– The best prevention is a certain way of life and relationships between family members, when there is no talk about alcohol, on holidays it is not recorded whether there is alcohol on the table or not. There are many families where the holidays are celebrated without alcohol, because they do not need mood stimulants.

Doctors recommend

  • Before drinking alcohol, take activated charcoal or drink a couple of glasses of plain water.
  • In order not to quickly get drunk and not to lose control over the amount of alcohol consumed, have a hearty dinner – food will slow down the intoxication.
  • Set yourself limits on the amount of alcohol at the festive table and do not exceed these norms.


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