Sep 9, 2021
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The main goal of Bucharest is the European integration of Moldova

The course to Europe is irreversible – reminded Chisinau in Romania

The traditional annual meeting of Romanian diplomats was held in Bucharest, in which the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration also took part Niku Popescu… After a meeting of diplomats, he met with his Romanian counterpart Bogdan Aurescu, and following the meeting, the diplomats spoke at a joint press conference.

“I am glad that, as is usually the case in our bilateral relations, you made your first visit in your new post to Bucharest. Likewise, my July 23 visit to Moldova was the first visit by a foreign representative since the historic July 11 elections. This visit is a confirmation of the special, privileged relationship of strategic partnership between our countries “,

– announced Aurescu, emphasizing that today came “An extremely important and favorable moment in the relations between Romania and Moldova”

For the sake of this “favorable moment” Romania is ready to sign a new agreement on the provision of irrevocable aid in the amount of € 100 million, the document is now being worked out by the parties, and its signing is planned at a joint meeting of the governments of the two countries.

From now on, the Program of Special Relations is being resumed between the countries, the head of the Romanian Foreign Ministry noted. This Program lists various cooperation projects between Moldova and Romania, including the completion of the construction of the Iasi – Chisinau gas pipeline and the Isaccea – Vulcanesti – Chisinau power line, the modernization of the Chisinau – Ungheni railway section, and many others.

In addition, the Romanian minister recalled that Chisinau and Bucharest have one common goal – the irreversible European course of Moldova to Europe, and Romania will do everything possible so that Moldova finally reaches this goal.

Popescu, for his part, assured Bucharest that the new Moldovan authorities are determined to carry out all the necessary reforms, create a favorable business climate so that investors from Romania will always “We felt at home in Moldova”because only Romanian investments can be counted on. In addition, Chisinau will continue to do everything possible to “Promote common interests”

“We discussed the organization of a joint meeting of the governments of Moldova and Romania. We have a strategic partnership and a national consensus on the importance of the relationship between the two countries. New cooperation projects will be announced at the upcoming joint meeting of the governments, ”

– said Popescu.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova met in Bucharest and with the President of Romania Klaus Johannis… The main topic of the conversation was also the special strategic partnership that has been established between neighboring countries. And again Popescu was reminded: Chisinau has one goal – “Connection of the Republic of Moldova with the space of the European Union”, there can be no other goals. It was not publicly specified in what way this “connection” would take place, but even without this it is clear that Romania clearly imagines this way – the absorption of the Moldovan state.

In the photo: Heads of the Foreign Ministries of Moldova and Romania Nicu Popescu and Bogdan Aurescu

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