Sep 10, 2022
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The main enemies of a healthy back

The main enemies of a healthy back

You can ignore all the factors that kill our spine, and right from the spot do qigong practice for the spine. However, you can also carry water in a sieve – the efficiency is zero. It would not be superfluous to put things in order in your life as a parallel process, since there is always much better, as indicated in the book by Vladimir Osipov “Qigong for the Spine”

The tips are simple, but they can really help you.

Tiredness and exhaustion!

Fatigue for the body is a mild stress that gently trains all systems. It’s good when you feel pleasantly tired at the end of the day. Light rest, a night’s sleep – and you wake up cheerfully, returning to your favorite business.

Fatigue is a daily routine that burns out your main energy reserve and leads to premature wear and tear of the whole organism. In a state of overwork, it is no longer possible to recover during the period of a night’s sleep and getting up on an alarm clock becomes a huge problem.

Night sleep does not bring rest and you have to force your body in order to show at least some productive activity. It’s not good anymore.

Overwork is an extremely life-threatening condition in which there is an extreme depletion of all vital forces and recovery can take weeks and months. There are times when full recovery is not possible.

I will not go into details about these conditions, but I will note that any condition that resembles fatigue negatively affects the condition of the bladder meridian. And this meridian (by the way, one of the longest and has more than 60 biologically active points) runs along the spinal column.

Therefore, with the slightest chronic energy deficiency, the spine loses energy support.

From this follows the simplest advice – change your lifestyle to a more relaxed one, forget about night surfing on the Internet, get enough sleep and rest more.

Sedentary, sedentary lifestyle

There is nothing to talk about here at all. Move more, sit less… Leave time for walking. Take up walking or Nordic walking and dedicate at least half an hour a day to physical activity. If it’s twice a day, even better. Gyms, fitness centers, more fresh air.

Jogging I will not advise – I’m not sure of its infallible harmlessness.

Emotional instability

All diseases from nerves are another banal soreness. But!! Chronic destructive emotions are constant eaters of your Life Force.

Any destructive emotions and experiences – at their root have only one main destructive vibration, which has devastating consequences for the whole organism – fear.

I don’t want to prove it and I won’t. Here, on your own. And now put these bad and long-lived emotional states on a merciless lifestyle and you will easily get chronic fatigue that kills your spine.

Chronic experiences lead to the destruction of the spine and herniated protrusion of the intervertebral discs.


When I asked one human doctor: “What causes herniated discs?” He answered brilliantly simply: “From life … You take on a lot!” To be honest, I did not expect such an answer. And thought. After all, in our native language there is a huge number of phrases, metaphors associated precisely with this feeling of excessive responsibility and even hyper-responsibility.

“You take on a lot”, “you have to drag (drag) everything on yourself”, “do not load yourself”, “like a pack horse”, “heaped an unbearable burden”, etc.

Noticed? All this is compared with a certain load that you have to carry on yourself. Psychologically! That is, we drag psychologically, but the spine suffers physically.

What advice?

  • Unload and lighten up!
  • Cast off the stones of responsibility from your soul.
  • Easier! Take it easy on your tasks and responsibilities.
  • Form a different attitude. You shouldn’t be so serious.
  • After thinking a little about this problem, I created my own method. The method of scientific indifference and this method works to this day.

Nothing around here changes. Your attitude is changing. Now nothing loads you and your spine. You do not burden yourself and do not burden others.

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