May 10, 2022
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The main criteria for choosing a door closer before buying

The main criteria for choosing a door closer before buyingdoor closerdoor closers

Door closers are useful, constructive elements that are indispensable in the modern world. Typically, such structures are mounted on doors in shopping centers, hospitals, universities, theaters, hairdressers, administrations, etc. Thanks to this mechanism, the door leaf closes smoothly and silently without physical effort. Even when visitors to the building forget to close the door, it will automatically close with a special device.

Benefits of door closers

The door closer has a lot of advantages. Among the main advantages of such a mechanism, it is worth noting:

  1. Doors always remain locked. So, there will be no drafts inside the building, temperature and humidity will be more stable. In addition, dust from the street will not penetrate into the room.
  2. The canvas will close softly and smoothly. With the help of the door closer, you can set the time for closing the door, taking into account the traffic of people.
  3. Noise protection. The canvas closes softly and neatly, almost silently.
  4. Convenient operation. It is not necessary for every visitor to the building to constantly close the front doors.
  5. Easy installation. To install the device, it is not necessary to dismantle the door leaf.
  6. Versatility of use. Closers can be mounted on almost all swing doors.
  7. You can fix the open position of the door. If necessary, this mechanism will help to block the door in the open position and ensure unhindered passage.

The above advantages of closers explain the high demand for them. Such mechanisms can be installed not only at the entrance to public, but also to residential buildings.

Where are door closers used?

Most often, a door closer is mounted at the entrance to public buildings. This device is installed on the doors of shops, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, business centers. Also, the device is used for mounting on doors to the entrance or vestibule, at checkpoints, in factories or factories.

In order for the operation of the mechanism to be as effective as possible, it is important that its design meets a number of requirements. The device must be regulated, depending on the load placed on it. It is best to install an adjustable closer. This type of construction is universal and suitable for any object.

In order for the product to serve for many years, all its parts must be made of high quality and durable materials. So the mechanism is guaranteed to be durable, even under high operating load.

It is better to purchase closers from trusted brands that guarantee the quality of their products.

What to look for when choosing

When choosing a closer, you should take into account the material from which the door is made, its weight and dimensions. It is impossible to install a conventional door closer on some massive door leaves, you will need a reinforced mechanism.

When choosing a closer for external doors, you need to buy a device that has a wide permitted temperature range of operation. Such mechanisms should work smoothly even with temperature and humidity differences.

It is also worth deciding in advance on the optimal installation method. Modern manufacturers offer mechanisms for various mounting methods. It can be overhead, floor, frame or hidden structures. Thanks to the variety of models, you can choose the most suitable device, taking into account the requirements for its functionality and aesthetics.

Closers with a built-in door movement coordinator and anti-vandal equipment have proven themselves to be excellent. Such models are characterized by high service life and functionality.

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