Apr 9, 2021
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The magic of sunlight: like attracting good luck with the spring sun

The magic of sunlight: like attracting good luck with the spring sun

The vernal sun has a very powerful creative force. Bioenergy experts talked about how to bring good luck into your life and home with the help of the spring sun.

After winter, many people experience depression in the spring. The powerful influence of the sun will help to overcome this blues, which manifests itself in jumps in disposition and fatigue. The outside warmth and light will help you forget about the problems that you had to face in winter.

If the warm spring sun is shining outside the window, you must certainly open the curtains so that the space of your home is filled with light, warmth and positive energy. In such a house it becomes airy and pleasant to live, work, hang around.

This will help to establish harmony in relationships, defeat blues and apathy, it is more important to get enough sleep. You will immediately notice that your advancing is greatly transformed. The most important effect will be guaranteed if you also open the window to let in fresh air.

If you have time, be sure to take a walk in the spring sun. Combined with physical activity, the energy of the sun will become even more creative. Such walks will give you strength, patience and good luck in love, in business, in work.

When a person absorbs the rays of the spring sun, not through a window, but directly, this gives an even greater positive effect. Actually, therefore, in the spring you need to strive to be more in nature.

Even if you woke up in the morning and there is no sun outside the window, you need to open the curtains and fill the room with light. In the spring, the morning ritual with sunshine is very healthy. As if you just discovered a thorn, come out on the sunny side of your house or apartment. Come to the window and say: “The sun will illuminate my house with warmth and kindness. Vernal joy will come, and despondency and negativity will disappear. I let in sunshine, love, luck and money with it. “

Boasting an initial one per day by the window, stand by it, fill up with solar energy. This will make your day more positive and work more productive. Sadness, blues and despondency will go away.

Houseplants will be filled with spring solar energy. At night they will give it to everyone who lives in this house. Also, sunlight will enhance their beneficial effects.

For example, a money tree will bring even more financial fortune, ivy or cactus will protect the house more from negative energy flows, a lily will bring even more love and understanding, and so on.

Experts also advise you to familiarize yourself with a very healthy and effective meditation for energy awakening, which is very beneficial during the heyday of nature in March, April and even in May, when the heat sets in. This meditation will help awaken the sixth sense, confidence, love and fortitude.

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