Sep 21, 2022
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The lost cat not only found its home, but also rang the doorbell

cat ringing the doorbellStephanie Wheatley was worried about her 8-year-old cat Lily, who once went for a walk and did not return for 4 days.

cat ringing the doorbell

The fact is that the family had only recently moved to a new home on Long Island (New York, USA), and Stephanie suspected that the cat could not navigate the new area and got lost. However, the animal proved that it can perfectly find its way home, even if the dwelling is new and somewhat unusual. Moreover, the returned cat made itself felt by ringing the doorbell and activating the security camera. So the owners both laughed and cried with happiness, looking at how the pet was clearly hinting that they would finally let her in.

cat ringing the doorbell

By the way, since then, Lily has been constantly using the bell to enter the house upon returning from walks. Stephanie is sure that this is not an accident, and the observant smart cat knows perfectly well how to use the bell and what exactly it is for.

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