Nov 19, 2022
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The loneliness of Larisa Dolina was explained by a psychologist


Singer Larisa Dolina cannot find her happiness in any way.

The artist recently said that her personal life did not work out for a long time due to the fact that men are afraid of strong women. According to the star, it was because of this that she was left alone for retirement. However, psychologist Irena Sirma does not agree with the position of the people’s artist.

An expert in the field of psychoanalysis believes that the Valley is confusing different concepts. If we are talking about a strong woman, then this quality does not repel men, but attracts them. Everyone wants to live with a mature person who can secure the life of their dreams. But there is a kind of tough women, and that’s a different story.

Larisa Dolina
Larisa Dolina

Of course, independent mature men are looking for the same independent and mature women. The question is, what do you want? A mature woman knows what she wants. It seems to me that there is a confusion of concepts: strong and tough“, – Channel Five quotes Irena Sirma.

The psychologist believes that life with a tough woman is about competition, not about love. In this case, the spirit of rivalry will always be present in the couple, and such relationships will fall apart sooner or later. A man will feel humiliated next to the “Amazon”.

Earlier, we recall, it became known about the plans of the Valley to leave the country. She decided to spend the New Year holidays in the Maldives. The director of the star urged fans to treat this trip with understanding, because the artist did not rest abroad for two years.

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