Oct 27, 2021
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The little son made an interview with a financial expert much more comical and dynamic

little son during an interviewWhile telecommuting and online interviewing have become commonplace for some, some people can still find themselves in an awkward position.

little son during an interview

For example, Jakob Funk Kierkegaard, a financial expert from Germany, was caught off guard by his own son. The boy entered the room and did not feel the slightest respect for the fact that dad was giving interviews – he tried his best to draw all the attention to himself, sometimes unceremoniously and not too culturally.

little son during an interview

The video spread on social networks and caused not only laughter, but also the delight of moms and dads who were forced to combine work and sitting at home with mischievous kids. They praised the expert for the rare calmness with which he spoke without being distracted by the child’s antics. However, later the father of the family admitted that he could hardly restrain himself from laughing.

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