Aug 16, 2022
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The little black dress is a masterpiece

The little black dress is a masterpiece

If a woman does not have a little black dress, her wardrobe cannot be considered complete. What is the secret of this dress? Why does it remain popular at all times, regardless of the whims of fashion? Probably because everything ingenious is simple. Fashion legend Coco Chanel gave the world not only a delightful perfume, but also the idea of ​​a little black dress. History, unfortunately, connects this dress in the life of a famous French fashion designer with a sad page in her biography.

In 1926, her lover died, and that is why she was forced to turn to black and the absolute simplicity of style: no bows, ruffles, ribbons, buttons. It had to be extremely strict in order to reflect the grief of a woman. But over time, the dress took on a completely opposite meaning, and now it has nothing to do with mourning. On the contrary, the little black dress has become a symbol of elegance, and is worn in a variety of moments – from business meetings to joyful celebrations.

Fashionistas quickly appreciated this style: firstly, it is easy to sew; secondly, it does not require a woman’s special financial situation at all – even a completely poor girl can afford it; thirdly, everyone quickly realized that it gives scope for unlimited imagination in terms of hairstyles, makeup, jewelry, various accessories, shoes.

Let’s consider in detail what it is. The fact is that he does not have certain standards – each fashion designer has the right to make his own details, dictate the length of the sleeve, the depth of the cutout and the details of the finish. The only thing that must be observed is the color, the length to about the middle of the knee (may fluctuate a little) and the simplicity of the lines. It must be strict so that any image can be created against its “background”.

Do you want to be strict? Please. A little black dress, discreet jewelry, daytime makeup – and you are a business woman. Do you want to be bright and attract attention in the first place, of course, men? And here the secret of magic is simple: everything is the same – makeup, discreet decoration, but make up your lips with bright lipstick – and you are almost a femme fatale.

You can wear it at work, but it will also look decent at any solemn event, as well as in the theater, at a concert, in a restaurant. Evening make-up of any shades – and you are ready to go. It does not dictate any conditions, but accepts everything and successfully “serves”. You can choose more modest shades of cosmetics, but add bright jewelry. And you can completely simplify the preparation of “going out to people”: put on a dress, take a clutch of any color and put on shoes of the same color – and you are perfection itself!

The little black dress has no age restrictions. It will look great on both a young girl and an elderly lady. Only the length of the skirt, the openness of the arms and the depth of the neckline will depend on age. It is desirable for a girl, of course, to wear bright jewelry to look more romantic. Everything is perfect for a woman: from a simple string of pearls to the most expensive diamond jewelry. Chains with pendants, beads made of precious and semi-precious stones, necklaces, bracelets, any earrings can complement the ensemble. An important detail is that it accepts any jewelry: both jewelry, and gold, and silver.

We haven’t said anything about figures yet. Of course, it goes primarily to slender women. But if a woman is slightly overweight, with a well-chosen style, she will visually make her slimmer. Well-placed undercuts, hangers and other little tricks of tailors will allow you to correct the figure.
We have already slightly touched on the accessories that match the dress, let’s focus on a few more options, except for jewelry: it can be a belt, a light scarf, a shawl cape, a handbag, a clutch, a briefcase – everything will be in perfect harmony with it.

Shoes fit any and different colors, except, of course, sports. All other options: high heel and low, stiletto and thickened, platform are acceptable for this style. The seasonality of shoes does not matter either: it can be worn with both boots and sandals.

A black little dress in a woman’s collection of things allows her to always feel absolutely confident: at any moment she can prepare for work, a date, a celebration in a few minutes. It is always fashionable and stylish, because its author was the unique Coco Chanel. A special charm is felt in the woman wearing this dress.

It remains to wish every woman to find her own style and be beautiful, strict, romantic, businesslike, fatal, charming, frivolous in it – the way she wants to appear at this moment, because a little black dress fulfills any desire.

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