Sep 9, 2022
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The little artist found her drawing in the trash and got angry with her mother

trash can drawingAlmost every time little Lily Casey comes home from kindergarten, she brings in another piece of art she has created.

trash can drawing

Tracey, Lily’s mother, is happy to admire every daughter’s masterpiece, but it is impossible to keep all this – there are too many drawings. That is why most of the paintings go to the trash can. It was among the garbage that a young resident of Suffolk (England) found her precious drawing, after which she began to scold her mother.

trash can drawing

The angry girl told Tracy that it was very rude to throw away other people’s drawings. After such pressure, my mother had to apologize to the offended artist in the best of feelings.

trash can drawing

Lily’s reaction to the discarded drawing amused Internet users. And Tracy added that peace in the family has been restored. It seems that the daughter has already forgotten about the incident, so it makes sense to wait for new pictures.

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