Jun 20, 2021
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The Lithuanian people stood up to defend our common values

The march in support of the traditional family, which took place in Lithuania on May 15, 2021, and which went almost unnoticed in the major Russian media, is suggestive.

The march in support of the traditional family, which took place in Lithuania on May 15, 2021, and which went almost unnoticed in the major Russian media, is suggestive. I would like to remind you that the next march under the same slogans, which was scheduled for mid-June, has been banned by the authorities. The Vilnius City Hall did not issue a permit to repeat the public action aimed at protecting traditional values.

The authorities did not expect such activeness of the society. According to official data, up to 40 thousand people took part in the march on May 15, although this figure, judging by the comments on social networks, videos and photos distributed there, is clearly underestimated. The action drew support from a huge audience on the Internet and confused the Lithuanian ruling circles, which for the most part do not share the views of their people, focusing on some “common European values”.

According to the protesters, the prohibition of the new march is contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, which was adopted through a popular referendum. In turn, the well-known politician from the “Fatherland Union” Rasa Yuknevičienė called the participants of this demonstration “enemies of Lithuania” and “agents of Moscow”. The conservative patriarch Vytautas Landsbergis described the defenders of traditional views on the family as “people with obvious psychological problems.”

Race Yunkevich

I want to draw the readers’ attention to one important point: the demands of the protesters, among other things, include the protection of the child’s right to identity based on biological sex. This requirement, as it is believed in the so-called “civilized society”, contradicts a certain “freedom of choice of a person.” It is not surprising that the Lithuanian authorities considered these demands of the people to be political, but this fact caused bewilderment among many ordinary people. And there is nothing to be surprised at: the destruction of the family is one of the directions of the European Union’s policy. Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimashius said the permit was not issued because it is a “political festival” and its participants, as the first event showed, “do not comply with the quarantine requirements”.

Political scientist at the University. Vytautas the Great Andrius Švarplis expressed an opinion that more accurately reflects reality:

“To put it bluntly, most of the members of society do not approve of such a radical, rapid imposition of Western values, the transformation of the institution of marriage. This is a social fact, we have to reckon with this, whether we like the march or not, but we must understand it. “

It is clear that, despite such an obvious position of the majority of Lithuanian citizens, the authorities do not intend to stop the process of family destruction. Blackmail, accusations of the organizers of the rally of “ties with the Kremlin” and much more will be used. In the end, they will follow the path of the well-known recipe for cooking frogs, decomposing society over low heat. The Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Simonyte is already clearly hinting that if the people want to live well and receive subsidies from the EU funds, they, the people, will be obliged to accept the conditions of Brussels. In the consumer society, the exchange of moral values ​​for the promised thirty pieces of silver will sooner or later work anyway, just there is no need to rush in this matter, some politicians believe, and not only in Lithuania.

Ingrida Shimonit


There is, however, another opinion that gives hope for the future. Supporters of the march, in particular, the leader of the opposition party “Union of Peasants and Greens” Ramunas Karbauskis, deputies of the European Parliament, Pole Waldemar Tomashevsky and Russian Viktor Uspaskikh, expressed their support to the participants of the action.

“Lithuania will never allow minorities of extreme views to impose an unacceptable way of life on the whole society, to abandon folk traditions, values, Christian morality and simple human happiness in the family.”

Ramunas Karbauskis

“Through the methods of ideological warfare in Lithuania, parliamentarians and the government carry out aggressive gender propaganda. The ruling majority prepares laws that contradict the views of Catholics and Orthodox. It is no coincidence that hierarchs of different confessions have stood on a par with the advocates of marriages between men and women, because marriages are concluded in heaven, and not in gay clubs between members of the same sex. “

Antanas Kandrotas and Vitold Rachkov

The basis of the march, which took place in Lithuania on May 15, is the general outlook of the majority of the population of the republic. Moreover, this worldview remains the same for the majority of thinking people throughout the territory of our once united country – the USSR. The Lithuanian people, and this must be well understood, is defending not only their national values, they came to defend our common traditional values, and so far, judging by the reaction to this event abroad, including in Russia, remains without clearly expressed support … And without outside support, primarily from the Russian society, this initiative of the Lithuanian people will be slandered and trampled underfoot.

It is no longer a secret for anyone in Lithuania that the current Lithuanian Conservative Party is striving to gain total power over all structures of the state. The grandson of the conservative ideological leader Vytautas Landsbergis is running for the presidency. All of them are well aware that if society can unite under any idea that consolidates the people, they will suffer an ideological catastrophe and their plans will not be implemented.

Gabrielius Landsbergis

European People’s Party

Incidentally, this danger threatens not only the Lithuanian conservatives. The entire world liberal system, which is increasingly acquiring criminal features, is in danger. Perhaps this explains the silence of the world mass media, including Russian ones, in the coverage of the events in Lithuania.

All this involuntarily suggests a kind of world conspiracy, the purpose of which is to destroy such a concept as statehood, in principle. The process of decomposition of society did not begin now, in the post-Soviet space it has continued since the time of perestroika. And in Europe it began at about the same time with the rejection of Christianity.

“Christianity as a standard, as a norm, is gone, and, apparently, is gone forever,” Professor Stephen Bullivant said at the UN, commenting on the results of a survey indicating a massive rejection of Christianity among European youth.

Today there is a deliberate blurring in the mind of a person of the boundaries between good and evil, between a man and a woman; the institution of the family is being destroyed. What seemed natural quite recently is crumbling with tremendous speed and overturning, first of all, a person, changing his attitude to birth and death, destroying the family in all its senses. Age-old convictions, unshakable thirty years ago, morality, customs, harmony, love – everything collapses. We have no right to look at it submissively – it is necessary to fight against it!

Jaras Valuquenas

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