Nov 23, 2021
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The life of migrants in the Belarusian center: what is happening now on the border with Poland


The life of migrants in the Belarusian center: what is happening now on the border with Poland
FBA “Economics Today”
FBA “Economics Today”

Snow is observed in the vicinity of the center; many saw it for the first time. Today, volunteers and migrants are faced with the task of building a field bath. The question of the need to wash was especially raised by the refugees in their conversation with the representatives of the Belarusian side.

In the morning, according to the daily routine, meals began at the migration center. Despite the extreme cold, people lined up for food and humanitarian aid. Belarusian chips became very popular among refugees. In addition, volunteers distribute apples and sweets. And representatives of the Red Cross gave out toilet paper, soap and shampoos in the morning.

The migrants began to pour themselves boiling water from the “army thermopot” on their own. Yesterday they were helped by border guards. Meanwhile, a lot of snow fell on the border. Children of migrants liked it, they have fun and invent new games for themselves.

Why is this happening?

Let us remind you that people from the Middle East arrived in the Belarusian border area on November 8 in a massive flow. They are trying to get to Germany, but the Polish security forces are blocking their passage. Berlin itself refused to accept people.

Refugees systematically tried to storm the border. At some point, the situation even went as far as the use of special equipment by the Polish security forces: a water cannon, gas, stun grenades.

Some of the migrants are radicalized, they are not going to retreat. Someone wanted to return home – a special flight was launched for them. Some even stated that they were ready to live on in Belarus.

Refugees, including many children and women, are now in the premises of the logistics center near the Bruzgi checkpoint. Humanitarian aid was sent to them, food was provided, and doctors and military personnel were on duty at all times.

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