May 15, 2020
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The legendary Russian pornstar was detained by law enforcement officers

Elena Berkova caught the police / Instagram

The star of House-2 and Russian porn actress Elena Berkova confiscated the car of her missing husband Vladimir Savro.

Businessman Vladimir Savro, who was married with Elena Berkova, went missing several years ago while relaxing on the Black Sea. Then there was information that both of them were washed away by a wave in the open sea, but only Elena Berkova could be saved from the sea.

As a result, the man was declared missing. But Berkova got warm and began to use her husband’s Nissan, at the same time accumulating fines, which she didn’t even think of paying.

At the same time, the Mash telegram channel writes that 03 on May, Elena Berkova was stopped by the traffic police on the Moscow Ring Road. When they began to check her documents, they found that a lot of fines and 14 restrictions were registered on the machine.

As a result, Elena Berkova’s car was taken away by tow truck, and the porn actress was issued and handed over to the bailiffs. When she was released, and released only at all - it has not yet been announced.

Recall that the other day a Russian singer, a former member of Dom-2 and him presenter Olga Buzova shared a spicy photo from her place of work.

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