May 16, 2020
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The legendary postman of Transcarpathia fulfills wishes by letters

In Europe, a competition for the best postage stamp 2020 of the year on the theme "Ancient Postal Routes" has started. Among the applicants are 50 participants from different countries, including Ukraine. According to the competition for the people's court, stamps were presented on the history of the postal business, on the ways of delivering letters, as well as on people who are proud of the mail of different countries.

Ukraine tells Europe the story of the Transcarpathian postman Fedor Feket.

Need made an ambassador

In honor of Fyodor Feketa, who was born 229 years ago, half marathons are held today : for his life the postman passed about 50 km almost every day. For news and correspondence, Fedor went from the native village of Turya Remety to Uzhgorod, picked up mail and returned, delivering letters to their recipients in far and near corners of the region. Now you can jump into the car and after 30 minutes be in Uzhgorod, and 60 years ago it was not an easy task. Feketa carried mail in the snow, and in the frost, and in the heat, in the pouring rains along the mountain roads and even with a heavy bag on its side. He served his section of the Budapest-Kosice-Lviv coach and postal line throughout the Turyan Valley.

They say that Fedor was born, aka Theodor, in a very poor, practically impoverished family, but he works as a postman brought him recognition and even a nickname - the villagers called Feketu no other than the Ambassador. At that time, foundry was actively developing in the village, and there was a need for a constant exchange of letters, so the position was not only necessary, but also honorable, although not very profitable.

According to one legend, Fekety had no hands. He lost her for theft, but the circumstances in which this happened were lost in history. According to one version, Fedor wanted to build a hut, but he couldn’t buy a tree for construction, so he went to the Pansky forest to cut down, for which he paid. According to another version, Feketa needed a few logs to warm the house in winter, but they noticed him and decided to severely punish him. They also say that it was precisely because of his disability that Fyodor had to become a postman - he could not perform other, and even more difficult physical work.

Rested under the church

If you believe the retelling, the postal service Feketa gave 30 years of his life, he didn’t go to work except on Sunday and on major religious holidays. The man was modest and family. In his work, Fyodor had to meet not only with people, but also with lynxes, and with wolves on mountain trails that the postman had learned thoroughly over the years of service.

Fyodor Feket met his death in spring 1838 of the year - died of pneumonia. How did this happen, folk rumor has two versions. So, in a hurry to get mail, Feketa unsuccessfully put his foot on the ice and fell into the water, caught a cold and could not overcome the disease. According to another version, he drank ice water to quench his thirst, and became ill.

The death of the Ambassador was a great loss for the region, and the contemporaries of the postman cast and put on the wall of the local church a bas-relief in his honor, which can be seen and today. It says: "The Memory of Affection, Tereznost, Honesty and Service of Ambassador Theodore Feket. Pomeg. RB 1838."

The postman was buried - The legend at the local cemetery, however, his grave has not been preserved. They say that when expanding the local temple, the burial was under it.


B In honor of Fedor Feketa, a monument was erected in the Perechin. By tradition, it is customary for him to come to the newlyweds on their wedding day. Fekheta needs to write a letter in which you can ask for something cherished, tell about a dream or secret desire. The letter must be left on the stone at the monument. They say that the legendary postman will certainly deliver a message, and the dream will come true.

Help "KP in Ukraine"

Voting for the brand with Fedor Feketa started the other day and will last until September 9.

The artist Irina Medvedovskaya drew an illustration. According to Natalya Mukhina, head of the Ukrposhta philatelic products department, the stamp was presented in memory of the friendliness, honesty and sacrifice of all generations of postmen.

- We know many interesting stories about the heroic deeds of military, firefighters, doctors and we know almost nothing about the heroic daily work of postmen who walk, under any weather conditions, travel considerable distances to deliver to people what they expect, ”explains the choice of Natalya Mukhina.


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