Nov 17, 2022
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The legendary figure skater did not survive the scandal with Kamila Valieva


Sports stars say goodbye to figure skating legend Alexander Gorshkov.

Today, the Russian Figure Skating Federation, headed by Alexander Gorshkov, announced his death. Sports stars are shocked by the sad news.

Condolences to relatives of Gorshkov were expressed by Tatiana Navka. “Today, Russian figure skating has a mourning day on the calendar, Alexander Gorshkov passed away. The man is a legend, the first Olympic champion in ice dancing, a multiple world and European champion, as well as the president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation”, the Olympic champion wrote on her personal blog.

I am saddened by the death of the President of the FFKKR, a longtime colleague and friend, Tatyana Tarasova. “Sasha, eternal memory and our eternal love‘, she mourns.

Irina Viner spoke about the untimely death of the iconic person of world sports. The coach is sure that the doping scandal of Kamila Valieva affected the health of Alexander Georgievich.

This is a huge loss for national figure skating and our entire sport. I want to express my condolences. I think that the final decision on Valieva turned out to be the last straw, although it is not yet final”, wrote Irina Viner.

Eteri Tutberidze joined the ranks of those who remember the permanent leader and shared on social networks an archival video with Gorshkov, where he rewarded her. “Forever in our hearts,” she said curtly.

Alexander Gorshkov
Alexander Gorshkov

Ilya Averbukh did not stand aside either. “The work of Alexander Georgievich was colossal even after the end of his career. For many years he was the president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation. Always defended the interests of our guys! Our victories, including the merit of Alexander Gorshkov”, he noted.

Soviet figure skater Marina Zueva is heartbroken. “This is a very big loss for figure skating, for ice dancing. And for me personally: I skated with Mila Pakhomova and Sasha and I can say that he was always a very honest person and very whole. By this. Over the years, these qualities have remained the same in him, and this is a rarity in our sport.

He also loved figure skating. I remember at one time the words of Svetlana Alekseeva that at the Olympics in Sochi, when all attention was riveted on the performance of Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov, Gorshkov was almost the only one who remained on the rink when Katya Bobrova and Dima Solovyov skated, who took fifth place at those Games. He was madly worried about all his athletes. Is always“, – said the coach.

Irina Rodnina spoke about the kindness of Alexander Georgievich, who “always had some kind of candy in his pocket.” “We have known Sasha since 1965. Chatted and trained. He was an amazingly kind and gentle man. He retained these qualities. He was a diplomatic and constructive person. But most importantly, his constant peace-loving attitude”, – recalled the deputy “Match!”.

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