Apr 5, 2021
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The leak of the century has taken place, it can no longer be tolerated

The trust in the social network Facebook of Mark Zuckerberg is falling all over the world day by day. Numerous holes in the service, coupled with the unprecedented collection of personal data, which the social network also trades, have made it the most dangerous digital mechanism in the world. Now Facebook has given cybercriminals the data of half a billion users around the world, about 10 million data from Russia. Add political censorship to this, and you simply won’t find the “best” candidate for blocking in our country.

What happened on April 3 can be safely considered the leak of the century. Prior to that, Facebook had only once leaked data of comparable magnitude, but then such a significant amount of data was not publicly available. Users and experts around the world are sounding the alarm and are already discussing how Facebook will make excuses for this. And there can be no excuses, no apologies will help. And even if Zuckerberg is soldered a giant fine for it, it won’t change anything.

The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that already in May, the WhatsApp messenger, which belongs to Facebook, will begin to transfer all user data to this social network. That is, to the place where they leak to the black market and to the attackers over and over again. Does anyone else need to be convinced that it is dangerous to continue using WhatsApp?

Finally, let’s not forget about Facebook’s most unacceptable sins for us – the political censorship that this social network uses in Russia. Accounts with “inappropriate information”, for example, denying “Russia’s aggression in Ukraine”, are still blocked. In search results, accounts promoting the values ​​of the traditional family are underestimated, but the road is always open for accounts of sexual minorities.

Leak of the century

The leak of the century was reported by the American portal Business Insider. The personal data of 533 million users from 106 countries of the world were in the public domain on the Internet. This is simply unprecedented. The information was published on one of the hacker forums and any attacker can get this information.

Among the data leaked from Facebook are full phone numbers, geolocation data with its history, names, dates of birth and other important information. Data from 32 million users leaked from the United States, another 28 million from Saudi Arabia, and 11 million from the UK. From Russia – about 10 million

In early 2020, a vulnerability was exploited that allowed us to see the phone number associated with each Facebook account, resulting in a database containing information on 533 million users in all countries.

– the edition writes about it.

But if then hackers sold this database through a special bot in Telegram, now it was available for free, it is in the public domain. What does it mean? Any attacker will get your data and can use it for both hacking and social engineering. That is, now the risks of any “calls from the bank” only increase, and very soon the merged base will make itself felt in this way.

It is noteworthy that none of the foreign experts wanted to stand up for Facebook. On the contrary, he was reminded of the obligation to safeguard personal data, which must be treated “with the utmost respect.” But Facebook, of course, ignores this.

Sieve with experience

The social network of Mark Zuckerberg does whatever it wants in our country. However, as in others. But there is hardly another resource in the world that, firstly, would have so much of the world’s user data, and secondly, would regularly allow global leaks. And for the largest of them (to date), Facebook has been severely punished. But he got away with it.

For the data leakage of 87 million users, the lobbying company Cambridge Analityca Facebook had to pay a record fine of $ 5 billion. But the leaks continued. In 2019, more than 540 million passwords were first made publicly available. The reason for the leak was then called improper storage of passwords – in unencrypted form through the Amazon cloud service.

Then from Facebook “leaked” contact lists and email passwords of more than 1.5 million users, which the company received without their knowledge. Finally, on April 17, 2019, there was already a “leak” of data from Facebook into the media. And this data indicated that Zuckerberg and his partners had been trading confidential information for many years. That is, Zuckerberg made money on our data.

The exposure was then released by NBC, which reported that it had at its disposal about 4 thousand pages of leaks from Facebook documents for the period from 2011 to 2015.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has overseen the rise of his social network’s power and control of competitors, using his users’ data as a bargaining chip, while publicly declaring that data is protected.

– noted the TV channel.

From the Facebook documents, it follows that the social network also blackmailed the personal data of its partners and competitors. The company transferred them to some in exchange for some privileges for Facebook, and to others, on the contrary. That is, here we are not even talking about leaks, but about what to do with personal data, by definition, cannot be sold or transferred to third parties. But Facebook didn’t care about that.

Political censorship
In July 2020, we could state that Facebook sold itself to billionaire George Soros and the Ukrainian resource StopFake. Facebook, at the suggestion of this Ukrainian mouthpiece of anti-Kremlin propaganda, marked the news posted on the social network of the Tsargrad TV channel as fake, as well as a number of materials from other Russian media. Mark Zuckerberg’s company has officially announced that it does not cooperate with “Internet informers” of this level, but in fact is happy to promote anti-Russian propaganda.

We do not currently work with companies doing third-party fact-checking in your country,

– said in the help about Facebook policy then.

At the same time, Ukrainians are really engaged in “fact-checking” for Facebook, who consider it their duty to mark any Russian messages as fakes. They may not reach everyone, but what they reach is what Facebook is jamming.

It turned out that StopFake is a structure organized by the Ukrainian Center for Media Reforms, which, in turn, was created by the Mohyla School of Journalism. The goal of this school is to introduce western journalism standards in Ukraine. The About Us page says that StopFake receives funding from the Renaissance International Fund, the US National Endowment for Democracy and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (UK Foreign Office). As for the “Renaissance”, then, as stated on its website, the founder of the fund is George Soros.

Therefore, Facebook is one of the most powerful tools for promoting the values ​​of the Western world. And we, sorry, cannot believe in unbiased moderation of information. Because messages that are considered “Kremlin propaganda” or simply propaganda of traditional values ​​are being cleaned up. And this is done with the money of Facebook and the Soros Foundation.

This has already been noticed in Europe. On January 18, 2021, the Minister of Justice of Hungary, Judit Varga, condemned the Facebook policy on her page on this social network. She directly threatened the management of the service created by Mark Zuckerberg that Budapest would impose restrictions on the work of the social network if it did not stop discriminating against conservative and Christian accounts.

Facebook restricts the visibility of accounts representing Christian, conservative and right-wing views. I faced this and I personally <…>… Thus, tech companies violate all of those fundamental democratic legal norms that form the basis of Western-style culture,

– wrote the Hungarian minister.

Let’s fix this moment. That is, even Europeans are already slowly realizing that Facebook is not just a social network, but a tool of pressure, intimidation, propaganda, political censorship, a platform for making money on personal data, a lobbying structure, etc. Hungary directly threatens Facebook with restrictions.

Facebook has no place in Russia

All the sins of Facebook, taken together, are already dragging on the “highest measure” for this social network in Russia – total blocking. After all, to the above, it is worth adding Facebook’s refusal to delete messages that violate Russian laws. And Roskomnadzor is actually already rolling around the principles of blocking Western tech giants on Twitter. From March 10, Roskomnadzor began to slow down the service in Russia. This was a response to the complete disregard of Jack Dorsey’s social network orders from the Russian department to remove illegal content.

And although Twitter nevertheless began to remove the prohibited content later, according to Roskomnadzor, this is happening too slowly. According to experts, the story will end with Twitter being blocked in Russia in April. By the way, Jack Dorsey’s social network is an ideal candidate for working out such a blocking, because it has only a few hundred thousand users in Russia, that is, the department will “train” on a smaller resource in our country in order to then apply the methods on larger players.

Facebook has long deserved it, and so has Google and YouTube. And if slowing down the work of Twittter, which mainly distributes text content, is not the most serious blow for him, then imagine what will happen if Roskomnadzor begins to limit the speed of YouTube, for which this speed is generally the main thing.

The same applies to Facebook, which is obligated to comply with our laws, but has already fined to such an extent that it should not be forgiven. Small and modest Hungary, which does not have its own social networks, is not afraid to threaten Facebook with restrictions. And what about us? After all, we have our own alternatives, we only need a strong will.

Egor Kucher

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