Apr 30, 2021
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The lawyers of “Team 29” were searched

Team 29 is the defenders’ association. They represent the interests of Alexei Navalny’s team in court.

The lawyers of

The Telegram channel “Team 29” reports on the arrest of the head of the team of defenders Ivan Pavlov. In addition, a search with breaking the door was passed at the IT-specialist of “Team 29” Ivan Dofman. There is no connection with him.

What the operational measures are connected with is not specified. Team 29 represents the interests of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (the organization is included in the register of foreign agents) in the case of recognizing the FBK as an extremist organization. The court hearing on this case will take place on May 17.

The team is also defending Ivan Safronov, a journalist and adviser to the head of Roscosmos, in court. Safronov is accused of treason. In addition, the team protects the interests of Margarita Yudina, who was kicked in the stomach by a policeman at a protest rally on January 23.

Photo: from open keys

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