Sep 6, 2020
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The lawyer warned about the risks of simplified receipt of tax deductions

The new bill of the Ministry of Finance allows taxpayers - individuals in a simplified and expedited manner to receive property, social and investment tax deductions. However, Yulia Pavlova, the chief tax consultant of the Tax Compliance law firm, warns that the amount in this case may be significantly less than what was expected.

Currently, in order to receive a tax deduction, you need to submit a 3-NDFL declaration and supporting documents to the Federal Tax Service. Their verification can take up to three months, and then funds are transferred within a month. According to the simplified procedure, the taxpayer is asked to simply submit an application for a deduction, without a declaration and any documents, and the tax authorities themselves will determine the amount of payment based on information from tax agents, banks, electronic cash receipts and the federal database on property. Thus, the verification period is reduced to one month, the transfer of funds - up to 15 days.

Despite the fact that information methods for verifying information about the activities of taxpayers are improving every year, it is possible that the negative consequences of receiving a deduction in this format will be the emergence of disputes about the calculated amount of deductions, - reported RIA Novosti Pavlova.

In case of disagreement, the taxpayer, according to the lawyer, will have to go to the tax office and provide evidence of the right to claim a deduction in a certain amount. In addition, it is possible that the tax authorities will not cope with such a volume of applications received and the deadline for receiving the tax deduction will be extended.

As wrote, the State Duma proposes to expand the right of citizens to receive a tax deduction for treatment costs and include adult children in the circle of persons covered by it. This initiative was made by the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Mikhail Shchapov. He has prepared an appropriate bill, which will soon be submitted to the lower house of parliament. The bill proposes to provide a taxpayer with the opportunity to receive a social tax deduction in the amount of the cost of drugs and treatment not only for himself, his spouse and parent, but also for his child (including adopted) and ward, regardless of their age. According to him, the maximum deduction amount will be 15.6 thousand rubles per year. The deputy noted that this amount exceeds the highest monthly disability pension, which is 13.4 thousand rubles.

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