Sep 15, 2020
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The lawyer told how to talk to telephone scammers

Olga Sulim, the chairman of a colleague of lawyers' Sulim and Partners, told how to talk to phone scammers correctly.

The expert noted that the most important thing is to talk with scammers in a quiet and confident voice. According to Olga Sulim, this will show the fraudster that he has been exposed.

To begin with, you can calmly ask where he got the phone number to which he is calling, whether he is aware that this violates the law on the protection of personal data and will be responsible for this to the fullest extent of the law, - led words of a lawyer at the Prime agency.

In addition, a fraudster can be frightened by informing that the voice recorder is on and the conversation is being recorded.

A good way of psychological influence on a fraudster is "trolling". For example, when a criminal asks the interlocutor to name the details of his bank card, he responds in a rather serious tone with his request, but at the same time names fictitious numbers, - quoted a lawyer at the agency.

She added that screaming and threats will not have any impact on the scammers.

As wrote earlier, an IT expert told how to protect retirees from online fraud. The expert advised to choose strong passwords for an elderly person in all services that he uses, change privacy settings, and also restrict unauthorized access to banking and personal information.

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