Jul 31, 2020
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The lawyer told about the state of the dismembered Andy Cartwright Marina Kohala

13:56, 31.07.2020

According to the lawyer, Kohala doesn't appear to be insane.

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In the case of the deceased rap artist Alexander Yushko, known as Andy Cartwright, new details. Thus, it became known that during his wife musicalamerica Kohala dismembered body of her husband, their two year old son was in the next room. The boy was crying, this was confirmed by the neighbors who heard the child's cries.

They also found involvement in the case of the mother Marina Kohala. It turned out that the mother-in-law Andy Cartwright knew about the death of a son-in-law for several days. Marina called her mother and asked her to help dispose of a body. The woman tried to convince the daughter told police about it, but Kohala did not listen to her. The investigation revealed that Marina's mother had not helped dismember the corpse, but she helped her daughter to wash the floors in their apartment on Nevsky prospect, to get rid of traces of blood.

Lawyer Marina Kohala Irina Scurtu talked about how was her first meeting with the defendant. According to Scurtu, the wife of rapper didn't make impression of the madman, but was in a state of exhaustion. Once Marina found the body of Cartwright on July 24, she didn't eat for four days.

Andy Cartwright and his wife Marina

"When I arrived she was in a very agitated state: I tried to sob, then wailed "what have I done". Was exhausted by four days did not eat anything. But the experience is insane or under the influence of psychotropic substances is not produced. I said that the sooner she calls the police, the better. Another said if she would consent to take a polygraph. Marina replied in the affirmative", — said Irina Scurtu.

Irina Scurtu added that Marina Kohala no motive for the murder of her husband. She said that Andy Cartwright and his wife was a quiet relationship. Marina had no reason to complain about her husband. The lawyer said that Kohala really loved her husband.

"About her husband she talks of love, with tears in his eyes. I asked her were there any scandals? No, he said. The maximum that could remember: sometimes Alexander came home drunk. Went to my room, fell asleep. This is where it ended. There was not a material conflict or threats," Irina said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Andy Cartwright

We will remind that on the death of 29-year-old Andy Cartwright said yesterday. The musician's body found dismembered in his apartment in St. Petersburg. It turned out that to get rid of the corpse tried his wife — 36-year-old Marina Kohala. On questioning, Marina said that Andy Cartwright died from a drug overdose. Supposedly, the musician was in a long depression due to the cancellation of concerts and declining revenues, and therefore became interested in illegal substances. On July 24 the wife of rapper, in her own words, found the body of her husband, which was next to a syringe. Marina said that would not ensure that fans learned about the harmful addiction Cartwright. So the woman decided to get rid of the body and stage a disappearance of a rap artist.

We add that, according to preliminary information, in the blood Andy Castricone had detected traces of drugs, so now the consequence finds out the true cause of death of the musician. However, forensic experts found traces of alcohol in the specimens. Friends and family of the musician denied his drug addiction, however, admitted that the musician liked to drink. Yesterday the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg opened a criminal case on the fact of murder, but Marina Kohala is in it as a witness.

In the blood of dismembered rapper Andy Cartwright did not find drug

In St. Petersburg opened a criminal case on the murder of rapper Andy Cartwright

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