Jul 21, 2021
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The lawyer spoke about the neighbor of Stas Piekha who previously attacked people

Lawyer Sergei Zhorin, representing the interests of the family of the Russian singer Stas Piekha, said that a neighbor who beat the artist’s seven-year-old son had previously attacked people. He announced this in an interview with Channel Five.

Zhorin noted that after the resonant story, people who suffered from the woman’s actions turned to him. “We are now checking this information. We will also provide it to the law enforcement agencies, “the lawyer said, adding that if the information is confirmed, the case” will take a different turn. “

On Tuesday, July 20, it became known that the wife of football referee Vladislav Bezborodov mutilated the son of Stas Piekha. Later, the boy was diagnosed with a closed craniocerebral injury, as well as a suspicion of a concussion. The defense side intends to achieve the initiation of a criminal case and bring the woman to justice.

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