Oct 15, 2021
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The lawyer revealed the secret of the death of the wife of Prokhor Chaliapin


There are many rumors around the death of the newly-made wife of the singer Prokhor Chaliapin.

The death of the artist’s wife caused a lot of speculation. Star lawyer Alexander Benkhin figured out the facts of the death of 47-year-old millionaire from Canada Tatiana Claudia Davis.

Benkhin was concerned about the situation with a Russian singer who got married in America and then lost his wife. The lawyer decided to figure it out. Many are confused that Tatyana’s husband does not have a death certificate. He only has text messages from his wife’s parents that she is dead. Friends of Prokhor were also alarmed that there was no evidence of the death of his wife. There was no obituary on the website of Tatiana’s company and on the website of the funeral home in Canada.

The star attorney phoned the Registry Office of the Province of Ontario, which is the American analogue of the Russian registry office. They confirmed information about the death of Tatiana Davis. “This is an official body, so there is no doubt about their competence. It is reasonable to believe that, unfortunately, the wife of Prokhor Andreevich really died“, – Benkhin concluded.

Prokhor Chaliapin
Prokhor Chaliapin

A controversial issue was the contract that the artist signed before the wedding. The lawyer explained that the process of registering a marriage in America is different from the Russian one. There, first a license is issued to enter into a marriage, then the wedding ceremony takes place. If desired, a declaration of intent to marry can be signed. And only three months later, the newlyweds receive a marriage document.

In this case, the marriage was actually concluded, there was a ceremony, they were recognized as a couple from the point of view of American law. And since there is still a little less than two months to obtain a marriage certificate, all this can be canceled in connection with the death of the bride. “, – explained the stellar adaokat for KP. In this case, the artist does not claim his wife’s inheritance.

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