Feb 23, 2021
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The lawyer reported that Gradova’s relatives would divide the inheritance

Yekaterina Gradova, an accomplished artist of the RSFSR, died in Moscow yesterday. The star of the painting “Seventeen Moments of Spring” retired from life at the age of 75, the cause was a stroke.

The lawyer reported that Gradova's relatives would divide the inheritance

After the death of theater and film actress Yekaterina Gradova, the question of her inheritance arose, after her death, including a house in the Vladimir region, two apartments in Moscow, and an apartment in Vladimir remained.

According to the defender Timur Marshani, the son, daughter and faithful Gradova can claim equal shares of the property in the absence of a will, reports.

The lawyer also noted that the widower of a lost person by law can declare his leva for half of the actress’s estate, and in this case, the remaining 50% of the inheritance will be divided into three parts.

The second man of the artist was Igor Timofeev, a former nuclear physicist, they have been in an alliance since 1991. Earlier, Ekaterina Georgievna was married to Andrei Mironov from 1971 to 1974, in the union they had a daughter, Maria, who later became a national artist of Russia.

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