Aug 27, 2022
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The law of sandwiches in geopolitics

News agency feeds brought news that reminded us that geopolitics, like nature, abhors a void. And if you create a military-political vacuum somewhere, sooner or later it will be filled by others. “Four Eurofighter Typhoon fighters of the Spanish Air Force have been deployed to the Estonian air base at Emari to reinforce the advanced aviation group of NATO countries in the Baltic region. Now it consists of 21 fighters: – four Hungarian and five Czech JAS-39 Gripen in Lithuania (AVB Siauliai); – four German and four Spanish Eurofighter Typhoons in Estonia (AvB Emari); – four Italian Eurofighter Typhoons in Poland (AvB Malbork).” For the author of these lines, this news is especially significant, because I happened to be at the Emari airbase in Soviet times. And I know firsthand what a powerful stronghold of our defense it was. In 1991, by the time Estonia left the USSR, the 170th Naval Assault Aviation Regiment (Su-24 front-line bombers) of the 132nd Sevastopol Naval Assault Aviation Division was based at the airfield. In not so distant years, it was impossible to believe that this Soviet airfield ( we are talking about the Emari air base in Estonia), in the immediate vicinity of the main political and industrial centers of Russia, NATO strike aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons will be based. And if only on this! The entire strategic foreground of our defense in the West, paid for with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers who fell in 1944-45, was not given up for sniffing tobacco to our enemies, who are now equipping it as a springboard for an attack on Russia. Which has already begun. This map illustrates the strategic importance of the NATO air base in Emari. And in the near future it may become much more dangerous for our country. There are more and more indications of the possibility of such a development of events. Here are just a few of them. – To the Mediterranean Sea, to help deployed there since January of this year. The carrier strike group (AUG) led by USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) received another AUG led by the aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush (CVN-77). Thus, the grouping of the US Navy in the Eastern Mediterranean has almost doubled. And currently it has about ten warships of the main classes, about 150 combat aircraft and about 300-400 Tomahawk attack cruise missiles in one salvo. Aircraft carrier “George Bush” at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, August 23, 2022. This grouping is concentrated in the immediate vicinity of the Balkan Peninsula and can be considered as a means of military-political pressure on Russia and Serbia in connection with the brewing confrontation in Kosovo. – A no less alarming situation is developing on the northern flank of NATO’s Eastern Front, in the Baltic. Here, the American military build-up is characterized by unprecedented pace and volume. It should be emphasized that this is the first case in the post-war history of the arrival in the Baltic Sea of ​​a full-fledged amphibious (landing) group of the US Navy, which in itself speaks of the seriousness of intentions. For reference: Universal amphibious assault ships (UDC) of the Wasp type, including USS Kearsarge, can take on board 2,000 marines (MP expeditionary battalion) and land them ashore by standard landing craft or helicopters (the so-called vertical method). The flight deck has nine landing sites for helicopters and can serve up to 42 CH-46 Sea Knights. The AN-1 “Sea Cobra” fire support helicopters, the CH-53E “Super Stellen” airborne assault helicopters, the auxiliary UH-1N “Twin Huey” or the multi-purpose SH-60B “Sea Hawk” can also be taken on board. In combat conditions, the Wasp-type UDC is capable of using 6-8 AV-8B Harrier-2 attack aircraft, but can take on board up to 20 such aircraft. At the same time, there is a large build-up of the NATO air strike group in the region. In addition to the concentration of the air forces of a number of NATO countries at the Emari airfield (Estonia), the arrival of quite large US Air Force forces at the theater is noted: “The US Air Force ssha-razmestili-v-polshe-12-f-22) on the territory of Poland, there are already 12 fifth-generation F-22 Raptor fighters to increase the defense capability of the region and strengthen the NATO mission, the Polish Press Agency reports. The arrival of F-22 aircraft at the Polish base means that our ally the United States is taking very seriously the strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank in accordance with the decisions of the Alliance Summit in Madrid. This will allow us for the first time to study equipment and perform tasks together, as well as adapt more quickly to the future adoption of more technically advanced F-35 aircraft.” , – said the commander of the 32nd tactical air base in the city of Lask, Colonel Pyotr Ostroukh during a briefing. “At the same time, US strategic aviation has also become more active in Europe. Moreover, it makes demonstrative flights in about beih potentially crisis points – In the Baltics and the Balkans. Which is a definite indication of their relationship in Western military planning. Another such indication is the fact that the West is planning a further aggravation of the situation in these regions on the same date – September 1. The Russian military-political leadership is monitoring this menacing momentum in Western military preparations, especially in the Baltic region, where it is centered around the Kaliningrad region. Other news of the same order remained practically unnoticed by the Russian media, but was recorded by foreign “spotters” who constantly monitor the movement of warships in the Strait of Gibraltar zone. They drew attention to the fact that the missile cruiser of the Russian Navy “Marshal Ustinov” left the Mediterranean Sea. Marshal Ustinov passes through the Strait of Gibraltar to the West on August 24, 22, escorted by two US missile destroyers USS Cole (DDG-67) and USS Bainbridge (DDG-96) Since this event took place simultaneously with the arrival of the second American aircraft carrier in the South European theater of operations , the Russian command should have had very serious reasons for the withdrawal of one of the two missile cruisers from the region. It cannot be ruled out that this was done taking into account the growing military threat in the Baltic. It remains to add that September 1 is an ominous date in European and world history. On September 1, 1939, World War II began, which ended with large acquisitions for the United States. And given the well-known tendency of the Western mentality to mysticism, occultism and numerology, we would not rule out that this fateful date again plays a certain role in their strategic plans.

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