Sep 9, 2021
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“The laughingstock of the country”: a quarrel was staged in the Rada because of the failed operation on the “Wagnerites”

Photo: Gennady Minchenkukrinform / Keystone Press Agency /

One accused Zelensky, the other tried to defend his honor

The disappointing situation of Nezalezhnaya can be judged, in particular, by the excesses that occur among local legislators. Militant Ukrainians have little interest in the norms of etiquette and are ready to start a fight right during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. This time, the scuffle began over the hurt dignity of Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Deputy Geo Leros decided to oppose the commander-in-chief of the country. It is worth noting that relatively recently this comrade was expelled from the pro-presidential Servant of the People party. The reason for the parliamentarian’s anger was the situation around the case of 33 Russians in Belarus. In Ukraine, they are called fighters of the Wagner PMC.

Leros asked a provocative question about who was responsible for disrupting the special operation of Ukrainian intelligence. The deputy has clearly made it clear that he considers responsible for the failure of Zelensky and his closest henchmen.

“You are turning this country into a mafia,” the bold deputy addressed the commander-in-chief.

His former party colleague Nikolai Tishchenko could not forgive such an insult to his high boss. He rushed at the speaker with his fists, took the microphone away from him and tried to push him from the podium.

However, other legislators decided to remember that Ukraine seeks to enter the civilized democratic world of Europe, which means it must respect the right of everyone to speak out. In the end, Tishchenko had to come to terms, and Leros was allowed to finish, RIA Novosti writes.

“You are the biggest laughing stock of the country,” the disgruntled deputy ended his tirade against Zelensky.

By the way, recently an experienced Ukrainian expert Ruslan Bortnik explained why Zelensky is in dire need of a conversation with our President Vladimir Putin.

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