May 4, 2022
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The lady did not like the gentleman, who indelicately responded to the death of the dog

dog death announcementStarting to communicate with a new gentleman, Poppy Adams was unpleasantly struck by the “red flag” that suddenly surfaced in a relationship.

dog death announcement

A resident of England wrote a message to the man, in which she apologized for the fact that she would have to cancel the appointment. Grief happened in the Poppy family – her beloved dog died, and the lady was going to visit her parents to support them. The answer from the gentleman came almost immediately and surprised the woman with indelicacy. The man reported that there are still a lot of dogs in the world. At the same time, he used a slightly paraphrased expression, which is often used in the sense of “the light did not converge like a wedge.” So Poppy thinks that the impolite message referred both to the death of the dog and to herself.

dog death announcement

Users of social networks expressed sympathy to the woman, and precisely because she lost her favorite, and not at all because nothing happened with the strange gentleman. As for the fact that the world did not converge like a wedge, the man is absolutely right – this phrase suits him one hundred percent.

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