Aug 15, 2022
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The Kyiv plan to destroy the Crimean bridge should become a suicide plan for the Bandera regime

The Kyiv plan to destroy the Crimean bridge should become a suicide plan for the Bandera regime

Photo: Sergey Malgavko/TASS

The Kyiv regime leaves no hope of destroying the bridge that so conveniently and reliably connected Crimea with the mainland. All sorts of Ukrainian politicians from time to time express a desire to strike at the bridge with any weapon. This time a certain deputy of the Verkhovna Rada distinguished himself Alexey Goncharenkomember of the European Solidarity faction. He wrote on his Telegram channel that Kyiv discussed options for such strikes with Britain. Previously, all that was known about this “newsmaker” was that this Ukrainian deputy was the son of another political figure, Alexei Kostusev, the former mayor of Odessa.

According to my father’s son, back in June, the Ukrainian delegation held talks with the British, during which they dreamed together about the destruction of the bridge. It happened at the 36th NATO summit in Madrid in 2022. From Britain dreamed of a royal defense minister Ben WallaceThat’s why plan B. There are no details, but the Ukrainian MP boasts that “he and Ben” discussed the plan specifically to “destroy the Crimean bridge”, and not just damage it.

President of the Association of Veterans of the Alfa anti-terror unit, member of the Russian Academy of Security Problems Sergei Goncharov believes that what is actually happening is nothing more than a political aggravation of the situation:

– The Frostbite Gang Zelensky wants to show that he is in close contact with everyone, that all NATO special services are working for them in order to harm Russia as much as possible, in particular the Crimean bridge.

Although, on the other hand, I would not rule out the possibility that NATO will still tacitly provide such firepower that will be able to reach the Crimean bridge and, of course, not completely destroy, but cause some damage. It doesn’t matter to them which one it is – political resonance, if God forbid this happens, they will inflate it, that’s the problem. For them, the main thing is such a resonance. The same thing that happened in Sevastopol – they threw an improvised explosive device from a drone, and the stench was all over the world – this is the first.

Secondly, no underwater and surface means will approach the Crimean bridge. The defense is organized at the highest level, so that attacks can only be expected from the air – or missiles, or some long-range powerful weapons that NATO can supply.

I have already said and I am not embarrassed to repeat this: I am tired of listening to our threats “if anything, immediately hit the main decision-making centers in Kyiv.” This refers to the buildings of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Zelensky’s office. This is already beginning to bother not only me, but everyone. Either we make this decision, or it will be another shaking of the air.

Therefore, if something accidentally reaches the Krymsky Bridge, there is only one answer – to completely cover Bankovskaya Street in Kyiv. We simply have no other way, otherwise the world simply will not understand us with our military might. We must not leave this unanswered.

In general, the assumptions about a possible strike on the bridge are put forward very different. On the Internet, gossip about the insidious plan developed in Kyiv to strike the Crimean bridge from the sea. Britain could not do without them, their operating time, and Ukraine should implement it – they want to place launchers of anti-ship or cruise missiles on a neutral civilian cargo ship, which should hit the bridge. This will not cause fatal destruction, but the main thing – the media effect – may well work out. And Kyiv does not need anything else. Western media will spread the news that Ukraine “has not died yet.”

Britain is keen to play its part in Ukraine, even more so than the United States. Of course, London and Washington are strategic allies, but their cunning plans do not always coincide in every detail. The United States has cunning plans, and Britain has even more cunning.

The Americans doubt the possibility of striking the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Crimean bridge with Western missiles. After all, a lot of attention has been paid to the protection of one of the most important infrastructure facilities in the south of Russia since the time of construction. The bridge is covered by air defense and electronic warfare systems.

Political scientist Andrei Marchukov believes that the Kyiv authorities, the Ukrainian military would certainly like to destroy the Crimean bridge, as well as many other objects on the territory of Donbass, Novorossiya or Russia, which they could reach with the help of military means or sabotage.

– The only question is that they – there is no way to do this – they have a desire, but there is no opportunity. I do not think that their Western masters will forbid them to destroy the Russian infrastructure, they will somehow pull it back. Against the backdrop of rocket and artillery shelling of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, the nuclear power plant in Energodar, the Crimean bridge does not look like something special. After all, what could be worse than a potential focus of nuclear contamination on the territory of Europe, even the eastern one.

In this case, the statements of the Ukrainian side should be taken seriously, this is not just croaking and yapping. It is not so important whether these are statements by some people who are close to power or not – this is the general ideology of the Ukrainian state.

And it is high time for Russia, our leadership to understand and officially declare the Kyiv authorities a terrorist regime, terrorists, in relation to which it is necessary to act accordingly – to destroy them at the first opportunity. Stop wanting to force them to negotiate, even capitulation, to conclude some kind of unfavorable agreements for Ukraine. No, no negotiations can be held with them – they will deceive them in any case, even if they themselves stand on the edge of the abyss.

They should be treated only and exclusively as terrorists. And to the current Ukraine – as a terrorist state, in relation to which appropriate military and not only military measures are applicable. And the statement on the Crimean bridge should be considered only in the context of the terrorist nature of the neighboring state.

“SP”: – But on the other hand, the Americans have been looking for the terrorist Osama bin Laden for ten years. And ours still got to Stepan Bandera, many years after the Great Patriotic War.

Bandera killed in 1967, when it was completely unnecessary to do this. By killing him, the Soviet side actually created the conditions for the development of his cult. After all, the monster by that time was already a nobody. In the Ukrainian emigration, there was a mutual squabble between several groups, and the aged Bandera no longer controlled anything and was a “pensioner”. Killed, he was turned into a hero-martyr.

Concerning Bin Ladenthen this person and the structure headed by him were created by the Americans themselves, by their special services, therefore, “detection” of him or “not detection” is a very ambiguous question.

As for Zelensky, everything is in plain sight here. From my point of view, it is necessary to act as follows: they fired at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, it is necessary to strike back with an ultra-precise missile at the Office of the President, or at the government building, or at the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once again they fired at the nuclear power plant – another rocket flies. And let Zelensky himself not fall under a missile attack – although if he does, then very well – let him. But if even the employees of the office suffer, that is also not bad, because these people serve a terrorist state. They are not civilians, in fact they are accomplices of state terrorism.

To stop the shelling of nuclear power plants is possible only in this way – by destroying the leadership. They should be afraid when they realize that these provocations, as the Russian side calls them, will be followed by retribution. First of all – physical for themselves. Retribution is not for those who were caught by the military registration and enlistment offices, but for Zelensky himself, Podolyak, Arestovich, Kuleby – all this terrorist gang.

And let the plan for delivering strikes on an infrastructure facility is allegedly developed under the personal supervision of the head of the British military department. The time will come for him too. In the meantime, our politicians, for example, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrovpress secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov they assure that all unfriendly statements are “taken on a pencil”. And the plans of the enemy will fail.

More or less sober and adequate Nenko figures, for example, representatives of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs declare that they definitely will not be able to destroy the Crimean bridge. So, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Victor Andrusov admitted that the square does not have weapons capable of destroying the Crimean bridge. At least for now.

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