Sep 10, 2021
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The Kremlin named two "forbidden" topics for Putin at a meeting with Lukashenko

The Kremlin named two “forbidden” topics for Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. The President of Russia never raises these questions himself.

We are talking about the recognition of the Crimea by Belarus and the organization of air communication with the peninsula. This was announced on Friday by the press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov.

These topics were not discussed, President Putin never raises these issues himself,

– he noted.

The Kremlin spokesman added that the issue of the recognition of Crimea is a sovereign affair of any state. It all depends on whether it is ready to understand the situation or not.

Recall that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has previously commented on the issue of the recognition of the Russian Crimea. He stated that Minsk refused to do this for a long time so as not to spoil relations with Ukraine. Lukashenko stressed that he will recognize Crimea after Russian oligarchs, who are afraid to supply goods to the region due to the threat of sanctions, do so.

Recall that Crimea was reunited with Russia after a popular referendum in 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that the refusal of Ukraine and Western countries to recognize the decision of the Crimeans is a violation of the people’s right to self-determination.

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