May 30, 2022
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The Kremlin is looking for billions of runaway Chubais, but his adherents are still in power

In the photo: Anatoly Chubais.

In the photo: Anatoly Chubais. (Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS)

Russian law enforcement agencies will check information on illegally obtained funds on accounts Anatoly Chubais in European banks, TASS reports.

According to the agency’s sources, the amounts in Chubais’s accounts can reach several billion in foreign currency. In which banks the money of the father of privatization is hidden in the interests of the investigation is not specified. While the security forces are questioning witnesses from Chubais’ entourage.

Chubais’s condition can be indirectly assessed by a recently revealed fact: having publicly argued with Maria Zakharovahe hired a whole team of PR people for money (and, apparently, a lot!) to come up with one single phrase to answer his opponent from the Russian Foreign Ministry in social networks.

One can only guess about the sources of illegally obtained amounts. “We have a lot of money. There are just a lot of them, ”the father of privatization at the Rosnano corporate company boasted, after which the government offered him to share with the poor.

Chubais served as CEO of Rosnano from 2008 to 2020, then became the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for relations with international organizations. Shortly after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, he resigned from this position and left Russia via Istanbul.

According to Bloomberg, the decision to leave Russia was made by Chubais because of his position on the Ukrainian crisis. Surrounded by the former general director of Rosnano, they said that he was in Italy and had no plans to return to Russia. Even to the court, where the victim passes.

“We do not have the ability to follow – neither the ability nor the desire to follow the fate of Chubais,” answered questions from the press Dmitry Peskov in the beginning of May. Obviously something has changed now. Perhaps the development of the special operation required new approaches to governing the country.

However, is Chubais, who escaped from Russia, a kind of decoy? Is it reasonable to divert the operational capabilities of the state to a figure that has been won back, while in the conditions of the new Cold War with the West, the country faces a huge wave of more pressing problems?

Lawyer and human rights activist Dmitry Agranovsky I am sure that the persecution of Chubais is important both from a legal and political point of view.

– Checks or, moreover, the initiation of a criminal case against Chubais is a symbolic gesture, meaning that now the Russian state has no way back. The same can be said about other iconic odious personalities. It is similar to how a person who has come to the true faith burns the symbols of the old, former faith.

Therefore, Chubais is not a false target at all. The intention to persecute him shows that our state is experiencing a kind of reversal. It suddenly turned out that people who were not only untouchables before, but were also imposed on us as models, were not such, and if they were, then they were examples of negativity. It’s never too late to get back to normal.

Chubais is an important goal, a symbol of capitalism, the destruction of the USSR, predatory privatization, when wealth created by the painful labor of the entire people (by the way, not only painful, remember “the song helps us build and live” – much in the USSR was built fun and people felt the meaning of life ) was in the hands of a few. Then you need to reach out to others.

“SP”: – But wasn’t Chubais part of the government? Let the liberal part of it …

– It is clear that the authorities, which now undertook to persecute Chubais, can be presented with many claims over the past 30 years. But personally, in my eyes, after February 24, 2022, she was 100 percent rehabilitated. Moreover, it doesn’t even matter what they wanted to achieve. What matters is what came out of it. What happened was a worldwide uprising against neo-colonialism.

“SP”: – How realistic is it to punish Chubais?

– It is unlikely that Chubais will be extradited from the West. But if a criminal case is nevertheless initiated, it will be necessary to send a request for his detention and transfer to Russia. The very fact of such a request and a criminal case against the father of privatization will incredibly improve the atmosphere in our society. The people need it.

Economist Andrey Pesotsky considers it equally important to get rid of the legacy of Chubais in the structures of power.

– Russia is arranged in such a way that a person in power, who decides to break with his environment, quickly turns from a “celestial” into a mere mortal. Events in Ukraine speed up the passage of time. It would seem that Chubais is a powerful man from the 1990s, firmly rooted in the state apparatus, to whom even the unprofitability of Rosnano was forgiven – a figure who is not threatened by anything. But now the invisible iron dome has been removed, and in a matter of weeks it became possible to attack Chubais. First, Maria Zakharova walked on him, and now the security forces began to get accustomed to his accounts.

“SP”: – It was rumored that Chubais, by the standards of his class, was almost a silver man, an ideological anti-communist, an ideologist of the era of initial enrichment. Does he have any money at all?

“Perhaps they will be able to confiscate some money from Chubais accumulated in foreign money-bags, but it is more important to say goodbye not to Chubais, but to Chubaisism.

In the late 1980s, he gathered a whole network of “reformers”, but in fact people who wanted to disintegrate the USSR. The Leningrad group was headed by Chubais, and in Moscow the chief was Yegor Gaidar. A few more people can be named: Sergey Ignatiev, Petr Aven, Vyacheslav Shironin, Alfred Koch, Alexey Ulyukaev and others.

They also had support at the Economic Institute under the State Planning Commission, headed by Vitaly Naishultheir slightly older comrade. In the ideologised USSR, lively young people were given the green light, although they were probably in prison for their liberties 10 years ago. Rumor has it that the KGB deliberately turned a blind eye to this.

“SP”: – As a result, their economic ideas did not stand the test of political practice …

— “Young Reformers” read Western books about an unlimited market and decided to literally embody the ideas Hayek I Mises. At that time, such economists seemed to some “erudite”, but they could charm part of the intelligentsia only in conditions of book hunger and intellectual stagnation.

In the West itself, there were many economists who advocated a more socially oriented state, who criticized the “market fundamentalists”. There was, for example, the Scandinavian experience. And the economies of the FRG or France were much more left-wing than it seemed then to the perestroika. They thought in primitive clichés “The West is the market”, but they did not understand well or did not want to understand that the market in the West is limited by dozens of settings and restrictions.

We know the consequences. The USSR before the collapse produced 12 percent of world GDP, of which the RSFSR – 8 percent. Now we can only dream of such indicators, because the market fanatics, Chubais and his team, have been storming to their heart’s content.

Whether they were useful idiots, idealists, or direct Western agents, must be dealt with in the most painstaking way. Most likely all together. Now it is necessary, first of all, not only to go through accounts of Chubais, but also to start sorting out at the state level how the tragedy happened, and who should be punished for this. At least symbolic, for those who could not personally enrich themselves in this business. Evil must be called evil.

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