Jun 2, 2021
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The Kremlin dispelled rumors about special conditions for the Russian delegation at the summit of Putin and Biden

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov dispelled rumors about special conditions for visitors from Russia. We are talking about evidence of the absence of COVID-19 for the Russian delegation at the summit of Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden.

Peskov answered in the negative when asked whether the Swiss authorities made the same demands on the Russian delegation, including Vladimir Putin, as they did for journalists wishing to work at the summit. We are talking about the availability of documents about a negative PCR test or vaccination with a drug approved in Europe.

Earlier it became known about the beginning of accreditation of journalists for the summit of Putin and Biden. The Swiss Foreign Ministry said that media representatives need to comply with the sanitary requirements of the authorities. Among other things, they must prove that they have already been ill with COVID-19, their PCR test is negative, or they have been vaccinated against coronavirus.

It was reported that accreditation was not possible for those journalists who were vaccinated with Russian vaccines. Paola Seresetti, the official representative of the Swiss mission at the UN headquarters in Geneva, explained that the preparations for vaccination against COVID-19, developed in Russia, do not have certificates from Switzerland and the European Medicines Agency. Also “Sputnik V” and its Russian “brothers” are not included in the list of drugs recommended for emergency use by the World Health Organization, writes TASS.

The first summit of the heads of Russia and the United States in three years will be held in Geneva. The last time such an event was held in July 2018. Then Vladimir Putin met with Donald Trump.

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