Oct 19, 2020
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The Kremlin called the statistics on coronavirus "sad"but generally believe the situation is under control

The Kremlin is concerned about the increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia, but notes that the situation is under control, including the state of hospital beds in the regions. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, who is quoted by Interfax.

"The situation is now under control, despite such sad dynamics," Peskov said, while acknowledging that the country "is taking very vigorous measures in order to encourage all our people to observe strict precautions."

Answering a clarifying question whether the information that in a number of regions almost 90% of the bed capacity is already involved, Peskov noted that it is better to clarify this information at the operational headquarters, however, the authorities are taking measures to reserve places and repurpose other medical institutions to combat with a disease. "This practice has already been worked out, and it is being done very quickly," said Peskov.

Meanwhile, the daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in Russia amounted to 15,150 new cases, which is a record since the beginning of the pandemic. 232 people died in a day. The highest rates are still observed in Moscow, where the number of detected cases increased again and amounted to 5049.

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