Jan 28, 2021
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The Kremlin answered the question about the indexation of pensions for working Russians

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov responded to the proposal to return the indexation of pensions to working citizens. According to him, the government is considering increasing payments.

The spokesman said that Vladimir Putin has not yet received a detailed comment from the government on the indexation of pensions for workers. Dmitry Peskov emphasized that this topic requires intensive discussion. “In this case, no positions have yet been formulated,” the Kremlin spokesman added.

The Russian leader instructed the government to resolve the issue of increasing payments to working citizens at the end of December last year. The head of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, Mikhail Shmakov, at a meeting with the President, noted that the Constitution does not specify for whom indexation is provided – for those who are working or not.

As a reminder, the indexation of pensions for working Russians stopped in 2016. The authorities took such a step to reduce the deficit of the Pension Fund. In October last year, the question of returning the mechanism was raised, but the Ministry of Finance did not support the idea: allegedly this is unfair to non-working pensioners.

The position of the department was criticized by Shmakov. In his report, the head of the Federation of Trade Unions said that many older citizens were forced to give up work due to the suspension of indexation. According to him, due to the massive layoffs of pensioners, the state budget has lost about 500 billion rubles.


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